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Sep 8, 2009 08:22 PM

Breakfast and Lunch stops between New Orleans and Natchez

We're flying into MSY, landing at about 9:30am and heading straight for Natchez (we'll hit NOLA on the way back). Any tips for local joints to hit for breakfast and lunch on the way up. Ideally breakfast would be relatively near the airport and lunch a few hours up north. Thanks.

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  1. There is a terrific place on the way up to Natchez - it is named like my Mammy's Kitchen or something of the sort. Only open till 2:30. It is an old antebellum black mammy - it is on the right side of the road. Excellent food and killer desserts. Blueberry lemonade and excellent breakfasts and lunches. It is outside of Natchez. It is a don't miss place.

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      That place has been up-and-down in my life..I hear it has been "up" of late. Last time I was in Natchez, in 2007, I stopped at South of the Border (just on the LA side on HWY 61) and had a very good shrimp and corn soup

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        Dear Carole -Very interested to hear about Mammy's Kitchen - please could you tell me on which road it is on? I am doing a book on Follies of America.
        Do you know any other eccentric buildings??
        With thanks
        Nic Barlow

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          It is on US 61 just South of Matchez, on the east side. It has shown up in more than one book on roadside whismy.

          Try the Mercer buildings in and around Doylestown, Penna (Moravian Pottery etc)

      2. Try breakfast at the Fat Hen Grill, 2244 Veterans, Kenner, quite close to airport.

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          The Dinner Bell in McComb is not to be missed if you want GOOD old school southern country fair. Casual and fun. Great for lunch.

        2. Thanks for all the advice. We ended up having breakfast at Fat Hen Grill. Great biscuits with crawfish gravy, then stopped for a snack at B&C Seafood on 18 (we decided to drive through plantation country first) and then again in St. Francisville. I'll have to check out some of the other suggestions on the way back down.

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            Biscuits and Blues and Stanton Hall in Natchez too. Stanton Hall just got a new chef and he is supposed to knock it out of the park.

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              Is he the one I read about recently who was going to revamp some classics and make them more modern and fresh? New Orleans connections? Someone up there is replacing cans of this and that with fresh stuff...they may have a riot on their hands. Aspic with fresh ingredients will alienate everyone over thing you know they'll get rid of little marshmellows in the salad.....

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                i read about the guy - can't remember his name but supposed to be excellent. You could probably go to Country Roads and read about him.

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                  Now that you say that, I think Country Roads IS where I read about him while in a doctor's waiting room....

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                  He better not get rid of those tiny little split & buttered biscuits!

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                    It's the Tennis Ball Aspic I fear losing....

            2. Stopped at the Dinner Bell on the way back down. Only open for lunch, confusingly. Excellent place. All the southern standards prepared very well and served at communal tables on lazys susans. All you can eat for about $10, including changing meat specials plus the standard veggies and a great banana pudding. Thanks sweetbreads39.

              1. I do this trip all the time. Stop in St. Francisville if you go 10 through Baton Rouge (this provides a bit of a scenic drive from St. Franville to Nachez) On the way up Hwy 61, stop at either Varnado's at the Myrtles or The Oxbow. The oxbow has a fried oyster dish that is great, it has an asian twist. Probably the nicest place in town. Hope that helps.

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                  Varnados is gone. Oxbow is still around. I did not like the Varnados people. We walked in and walked out and that was after I made reservations six weeks in advance. Personally i'm glad they are gone. I had such great expectations. Supposedly they are trying to open in Baton Rouge. If they do, BR is a tough restaurant town and will not suffer rude foolish servers.

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                    I had an excellent shrimp salad at Oxbow en route back from Angola last year...I was pleasantly surprised.