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Sep 8, 2009 07:44 PM

Where Can I Buy Pork Belly?

Any Idea where I can buy pork belly in Manhattan? I am in the chelsea area of town for a few weeks. I am planning on going to lobells because I have heard it is the best butcher in town, but now sure they will sell this specialty item. The local whole foods does not carry it. Thanks for your time!

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  1. I hope that when people reply to your thread that they'll give mail order recs also. I'm dying (not really) to cook it myself also.

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      Wherever you live, if there is a Chinese (preferably) or any Asian market near you, that's the best place tol ook for it. The prices will be good too. When I wanted pork belly, I had to order a minimum of nine pound at a local non0Asian market, or only as much as I wanted at my Chinese grocery, but they didn't call it pork beblly. I forget what they did call it, but y ou'll know it when you see it.

    2. Flying Pigs Farm at Union Square Greenmarket.

      1. Just another reason to visit that great market! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer for me.

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          Dickson Farmstand Meats on Chelsea Market had it yesterday. You could call ahead and check or even ask him to put some aside for you.

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            To aviod a wasted please contact flying pig via their web site first. They told me that they don't usually bring many pork bellies.

          2. Why not just go down to Chinatown? Get on the 6 train and get off Canal. There's a butcher on Mulberry just off Canal Street. I've gotten pork belly there and it's probably cheaper than Lobel's. You might also try Jeffrey's in the Essex Market.

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              I took this suggestion and tried the Mulberry Meat Market a few weeks ago. There were signs in English for everything and I found pork belly for $2.50/lb. Three pounds of pork belly came out perfectly for my Momofuku cooking adventure. I recommend going here for clean, cheap pork belly.

              Mulberry Meat Market, Inc.
              89 Mulberry Street
              New York, NY 10013
              (212) 267-0350

            2. This is an easy one-Chinatown!! all the meat markets sell for a fraction of what others charge. Other places include Schaller and weber and the Korean market on 32nd between 5th and bway has it-can get it thinly sliced as well-always in stock.