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Sep 8, 2009 07:33 PM

"Fancy" dining near Chelmsford area

This may be odd, but our 9 year old is obsessed with the Food Network and wants to go to a 'fancy' restaurant.... Can you recommend a place around the Rte 495./Rte 3 Lowell/Nashua area that has good food, 'fancy plating', that wont break the bank?

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  1. Went to Moonstones in Chelmsford for lunch last week and the food was creatively presented and reasonably priced ($10-$15 entrees). Higher prices for dinner but menu offers small plates.

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        Third. It's great there and the small plates are nice. Fun cocktails for the adults, and dessert is pretty good too.

    1. The restaurant at Stonehedge Inn in Tyngsboro has a new name which I can't recall - used to be Silks. It's quite the venue and you'd need to check prices/menu ahead of time but I mention it because I've read that it has one of the largest wine cellars in the country. I don't know if they have tours but if your child is really interested in fine food they might be amenable to showing him/her around if you call ahead and explain.

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        It's now called Left Bank, and is a nice venue, but really doesn't come through on the food. Kind of 70's fancy service, overwrought food with no delicacy, if you know what I mean. Nice wine list though.

        Maybe would meet the "fancy plating" criteria. Don't know if it's worth spending the cash to give your 9 year old that experience.

        The food is good at Fish Bones, but maybe not as fancy plating. I think Moonstones might be the best bet. Havent been, but the photos on their website look like they'd do the trick:

        let us know how it goes

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          you might also check the Gourmet gal on the lowell sun website, she blogs on that whole area and I think you can send her an email directly as well. She really seems to be in the know

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            In Lowell, Beer Works is pretty good. Entrees start at $11; some lunch sizes start at $8 and go up to $18. The quality has always been great, and ask them to sign you up for the VIP card, which is a program in which they give 50% off up to $10 savings each month, so it isn't bad to do a party of 2; but does get to be a little expensive if you do 4; but a strategy for that is to go every other month so you can use 2 VIP visits at a time. Thus, it works as $20 off a check of $40 or more.

      2. I suggest you look into LaBoniche in Lowell. It's more upscale than some of the other suggestions. I haven't tried Moonstones yet. It got mixed reviews after it opened. I use to enjoy Silks' brunch but unfortunatly, The Left Bank doesn't have it anymore. It's more ladeeda than a lot of places in the area but the food is just OK.