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Sep 8, 2009 07:17 PM

Ultimate Bread Pudding Medium..

Planning a bread pudding for company and would like to maybe add in some apples or pears (it will be a fall dessert). But I can't decide on the "bread" part. My family really likes decadence and rich desserts, so I have no problem using the most caloric and unhealthy ingredients, as long as they will be delicious. So ,what would you use for making the most delicious bread pudding? Brioche?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. For most delicious I would use croissants, but that's ridiculously expensive unless you have lots of stale croissants sitting around. Brioch or challah are fine, but I prefer the cheap "French bread" you can find at supermarkets that have their own bakeries. It has a bit of crust but the interior is relatively soft and it doesn't taste like much by itself. Avoid dense, crusty artisan breads such as pugliese or ciabatta, and don't even think about sourdough. Whatever you use, make sure it is completely dry. If the bread is not dried out, bake at very low temp (like 175F) for 20-30 minutes or until the bread crumbles when you squeeze it.

    Doughnuts? Sounds crazy, but try it and let us know.

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      I adore bread pudding, and have made it with doughnuts...wasn't my favorite. The doughnuts tend to just get crumbly when mixed into the wet ingredients, the overall product is very sweet, with not much texture.

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        If you use donuts, I'd use cake only, and naturally, you'd cut down the sugar used in the custard portion.

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          The cafeteria at school used donuts and made a very good bread pudding from it.

    2. cake donuts - not crazy at all. how does it sound crazy? It makes PERFECT sense.
      I've done chocolate iced cake donuts before. Use a combo of breads, it does not have to be all the same. My one piece of advice is: Ample soak time. Also, depending on what flavors you are going to go for, Mccormick makes a flavoring called "butternut extract" which is absolutely perfect for bread pudding.

      Lotta air in a good croissant, you'll probably need more than you might think. $$

      1. How about using a sour cream/butter cake?

        Note: I have not made it.

        1. Bread pudding is not about the bread, it's about the blending of flavors and textures. The qualify and quantity of your custard will have a greater impact than the bread you use. But of those you listed, I'd select the Challah. Other? Perhaps Artos (Greek Celebration Bread) would bring it up a notch. I think the bread you use should be egg based to enhance the richness of the dessert.

          1. I like to use croissants, but when the store was out of them, I picked up a pound cake and had rave reviews using that.