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Sep 8, 2009 06:44 PM

Apalachicola: Need recommendation/dinner/room

I haven't been in a couple of years. Milestone anniversary coming up.

I humbly request recs for dinner and hotel in late September.

The Gibson Inn looks good based on websites, but so do some of the others.

View and (of course) the food is most important. Oysters, required.

Please help.

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  1. Visited there last fall and stayed at the Apalachicola River Inn right on the water. Not very fancy, but comfy and you can't beat the view and you can walk everywhere. Last fall they had a special with a full breakfast included in the price. See for details. Boss Oyster is right next door and if you like oysters served in a dive setting where they're actually hauling them off the boats in front of you, Boss Oyster is your place. They have something like 30 optional toppings and I tried a few but went back to plain ole oysters on the half shell -- they are incredible!! We also liked Tamara's Cafe and Verandah Wine Barr for meals. The restaurant at the Gibson Inn was once known as one of the best in all of the panhandle but I believe it has since closed. If you want to get on the water for some fishing or, like we did, for a sunset sail up the river, see Captain John Sapp at 850-653-8740 -- he's a native and knows the area well. We've been thinking about returning this winter so please post a review when you get back.....Barbara

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      1. The restaurant at the Gibson Inn that was one of the best in the entire country, Avenue Sea, closed in January. Chef said that he just couldn't make it work in Apalachicola because the local clientele weren't drawn in, and most of his customers had driven in from 100-200 miles just to eat there.

        Below are my personal gems of Apalachicola:

        Owl Cafe -
        Tamara's -
        Chef Eddie's Magnolia Grill -
        That Place in Apalach -

        These are all fine spots for a meal and could stand up as popular places in any large city. I wish all towns with a population of 2,000 had this quality of selection.

        Additionally, here's the website for Veranda's Bistro, which someone mentioned above. I think it opened up since I was last in Apalachicola, but it looks promising:

        1. Apalachicola Seafood Grill is good for plain fresh seafood and has some really good potato salad! We also ate at the Mexican place last time we were there and it was good. We actually had managed to get oystered out lol

          1. The Gibson Inn is a great place to stay but more upscale is the Consulate. Being a resident of Franklin County I am thrilled that folks are coming to Apalachicola. It honestly captures old Florida.


            Reccs for food are good but I must say that the Magnolia Grill has a atmosphere that is creepy . Boss - though casual is the best for oysters without a doubt. Have some raw.

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              We were fortunate last time we were up your way and met the son of the owner of Ward's Seafood at Indian Pass Raw Bar. He directed us to their wholesale facility on the Bay and we took our big cooler and got a sack of oysters packed in ice. Heaven!

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                And were you able to eat all of them?

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                  Came pretty close. I think my profile pic contains some that we baked.