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Sep 8, 2009 06:39 PM

Sukoyaka Genmai

I had been reading about Sukoyaka genmai, a partially milled rice. Finally bought some.

Has anyone else here used it for sushi? How does it compare in flavor, texture and stickiness? Any particular items it plays well with, or less well? Has anyone here experimented using different su mixtures?

How about other uses?

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  1. I just bought this for the first time, Richard, but haven't broken open the bag yet. (I still have a few pounds of the old bag left.) So, now that you opened it, which I presume you have, tell me your impressions?! What kinds of dishes does it best suit? I'm looking forward to it, will be eating lots of rice in the coming weeks, hoping to get to the new bag...

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    1. re: amyzan

      Hi Amy!

      It's really good! Makes great sushi rice texture-wise, with a touch of nuttiness yet gentle enough for the full regular range for sushi. It's good plain, too. Whiteness, when cooked, is very similar to white as it's the germ that's retained.

      It's up there with my favorite, Tamanashiki. Let us know what you think!

      1. re: Richard 16

        I've only cooked it once now, and made the mistake of using a greater proportion of water, like one would with brown rice. The rice came out a little too sticky for my liking. I was serving it with a lamb stew, though, so not a problem. I'm looking forward to using it again soon, with a lower proportion of water.