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Dec 14, 2004 03:15 PM


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Anyone been to Totoraku on Pico? I went with a friend over a year ago.

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  1. did you mean Torafuku?

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    1. re: perceptor

      The card says Totoraku. And yes, I meant the secret Japanese BBQ place near the Westside Pavilion!

      1. re: misterasher

        Wow, new information!

        Until now I don't think anyone had actually divulged any name for the "secret" BBQ place at 10610 W. Pico other than "Teriyaki House Pico," which is what it says on the sign (and at the Health Dep't website).

        If it is Totoraku, that's interesting because "Totoraku" was the original name of the Korean-Japanese place on Sawtelle that's now called Manpuku. Anyone know if there's a connection between that place and the "secret" place on Pico?

        Anyway, you can find some posts about this place; look for "Pico Teriyaki" or some variant.

        This adds a delightful layer of confusion because Torafuku is just on the other side of Westside Pavilion, at 10914 W. Pico; it is far from "secret," but plenty expensive, and specializes in great rice. Just today, perceptor posted one of his trademark photo-essays (look down the board a ways).

        1. re: PayOrPlay

          Why is this place "secret"?

          1. re: Meht

            I don't know. I was told that it's by invitation only. When I went they were pretty much the nicest people I've ever met. The food was excellent and expensive. The decor was laughably bad. I mean, atrociously bad. I understand it's customary to bring a truly excellent wine to share with the chef. This is as much as I know.

    2. I assume you mean Tokuratsu, the secret Japanese BBQ restaurant near the Westside Pavillion. The place is very good (perhaps best beef in LA) but at those prices, I would prefer a more refined atmosphere. I have been several times but not in the last year. Also, their home made blueberry ice cream is the best ice cream I have ever had.

      1. m
        Mr. Secret High Profile Japanese Entertainment Type

        Great place. Was there 2 months ago. Guess the '"secret" on the name is out lol.