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Sep 8, 2009 06:10 PM

Oct. Dinner 10 adults and 8 children (3-4 yrs) near Storyland/North Conway

Planning a Storyland weekend with 5 familes Oct 2-3 weekend. Looking for Sat dinner recs. (early, say 5:00) in North Conway area. Perused older posts and would consider Red Parka Inn, Red Foz Grille, Flat Bread Pizza Company (wait too long?) Moat Mtn. Smokehouse. Given the size of the group, not sure if they are large enough establishments (?) It's been a while but I think the Red Parka Inn is loud and large.....

Clearly it could not be a small, intimate place. Noisy would work best. The kid's movie and toy room at Red Foz is intriguing, but I'm not sure if it's a large place. We don't want to disturb too many people!

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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  1. We went to Moat Mountain on our Storyland visit at the begining of the summer, and I think it would definitely be big enough. The food was excellent as well.

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      We did moat mountain too on our Storyland visit. They would have the space and based on our visit noise was not an issue (with two toddlers, I was worried) No one glanced at our kids because they were to busy with their own. In fact, there was a long table with pretty much your number near us. They do tend to put the families in specific rooms.

    2. Thank you Dagwood and MrPhil for your replies re: Moat Mountain. Because everyone in our group could not get into the selected hotel in N. Conway, everyone is now moving to condos at Attitash, Rte 302 in Bartlett, NH. Can anyone recommend a spot for this large group with many young children in the Glen/Bartlett area? We'll be spending the day at StoryLand.

      Thanks Much

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        Moat Mountain is probably less than 10 minutes from Storyland. Glen and North Conway are right next to each other. Sorry I can't be more help w/ places in Bartlett. There was a pizza place we had takeout from in Glen that was pretty good, but since we did takeout I'm not sure of dining room size and how well they'd accomodate your group.

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          Chiming in with the chorus on Moat Mt. It's less that 15 min from Attitash or Storyland. It's true you'll have to go past the Storyland turnoff to get there, but the distances are really pretty small.

          Crayons on the tables AND fresh beer. How could you go wrong?

          Flatbread is also a good choice.

          1. re: the_MU

            We went to Flatbread and had a terrible experience w/ the service, which was really disappointing. Part of our group was served, and then they started cooking other tables' pizzas before the rest of our group was done. It was really awful. I am willing to look at this as a fluke though, and I would be willing to try them again. I have also been to the one in Portland and it was fantastic.

            1. re: dagwood

              Have only gone to the Portsmouth and Portland Flatbread locations. Never actually been to the one in Conway. I guess YMMV on the service. Bummer.

        2. For a group that size I would reccomend the Red Fox Bar and Grille in Jackson. It is up the street from Storyland. We ate there last weekend. The food was decent, the place is HUGE. It has a playroom for toddlers and a movie room (near the dining room) that was playing the Incredibles while we were there. We saw many tables with 10 - 20 people with little kids. It was filled with families from Storyland. Every table was filled with tired parents drinking cocktails and beers and kids (with faces painted etc.) from Storyland. I found it quite amusing when I looked around at all the families in the place, it was obviously created to serve large groups of people/families on vacation/visiting the area. We had a pizza and it was fine, nothing to right home about but the menu is HUGE. Wait staff was attentive and efficient. Here is a link

          1. Hillbilly's BBQ right near the outlets in N. Conway....great if you're in the mood for it!