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Sep 8, 2009 06:02 PM

Cheapest (good) Fried Chicken for party? Save me from KFC!

i'm looking to get some Southern Fried Chicken for a party of 40 people this Saturday, ideally with a few sides (greens & mac n cheese), and dont want to spend too much money

Any experience bringing in party platters/family size from Coast, Tupelos, Poppa B's or Lennys? Who's most affordable?


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  1. Star/Shaw's has great stuff

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    1. re: hlerm2

      When they don't overcook it - which is 90% of the time at my local Shaw's (Waltham - which has got to be the worst Shaw's ever).

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Roche Bros "broasted" chicken is great. I don't know what the heck "broasted" means but as far as I'm concerned it's great fried chicken.

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        1. re: BJK

          "Broasted" indicates that they are using a pressure fryer rather like KFC uses.
          The pressure-frying process makes great fried chicken.

        2. I would give Mrs. Jones in Lower Mills a call and see what they can work out for you. The best fried chicken I have had in Boston, plus the sides are out of this world.

          1. Poppa Bs is closed per another post on the board. Lenny's is a good option to explore and should be reasonably priced.