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Cheapest (good) Fried Chicken for party? Save me from KFC!

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i'm looking to get some Southern Fried Chicken for a party of 40 people this Saturday, ideally with a few sides (greens & mac n cheese), and dont want to spend too much money

Any experience bringing in party platters/family size from Coast, Tupelos, Poppa B's or Lennys? Who's most affordable?


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  1. Star/Shaw's has great stuff

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      When they don't overcook it - which is 90% of the time at my local Shaw's (Waltham - which has got to be the worst Shaw's ever).

    2. Roche Bros "broasted" chicken is great. I don't know what the heck "broasted" means but as far as I'm concerned it's great fried chicken.

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        "Broasted" indicates that they are using a pressure fryer rather like KFC uses.
        The pressure-frying process makes great fried chicken.

      2. I would give Mrs. Jones in Lower Mills a call and see what they can work out for you. The best fried chicken I have had in Boston, plus the sides are out of this world.

        1. Poppa Bs is closed per another post on the board. Lenny's is a good option to explore and should be reasonably priced.

          1. For 40 people: Popeye's chicken!! Orders of magnitude better than KFC - though it is also a fast food joint. I haven't been to the one in the Fenway, but been to several in connecticut and they are great. Not very greasy, never dry, and always really crispy and tasty. And have both spicy and non-spicy chicken. Their dirty rice and beans are good too. Their fries are good too, but I don't think they have anything green.

            It'll be way cheaper than those other places.

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              So many Popeye's in this area are gone- I didn't have it for a long time. But about a month ago, I got some at the branch near Fenway and it was great- even better than I remembered! And I do love their red beans and rice too.

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                I'll hop on the Popeye list. I don't like any of their sides but love their spicy chicken and biscuits.

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                  Count me in for Popeye's as well. The chicken is great, and I used to like their 'dirty rice' but I think thy changed it some years back.
                  Just doesn't seem as dirty as it once was. But the chicken is as good as ever.

              2. You could also send an email to this catering/home cooked meals outfit Boston's Food for the Soul, to see their pricing. I can't directly vouch for their food as I am out of their delivery area and never got around to ordering some meals to a friend's address. I did get some decent feedback asking around when they opened in November '08. But with 40 ppl on the line, ask them for a sample of the chicken before ordering.