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Sep 8, 2009 05:44 PM

Seastar in the Pan Pacific for lunch?

My girlfriend and I are spending 4 nights in Seattle followed by 4 nights in Portland Sept 19-27. We're staying at the Pan Pacific while in Seattle and I was curious if anyone had thoughts on the Seastar restaurant on site?
We love food and this will be our second trip to Seattle - and we are largely returning for the food!
Some options for other meals we are considering from looking through this board include: Palace Kitchen or Etta's, Lark, Cafe Jaunita, Tilth, Sitka + Spruce, and Salumi. We also may hit up Matt's or Chez Shea for a lunch.
If anyone has recommendations for Portland I'm definitely interested too! We are staying downtown in the Benson.

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  1. Just ate at Seastar in Bellevue on Sunday - it's some of the best, most consistently good salmon I know of in the city. Lark is expensive but good small plates. Def hit up Matt's in the Market

    1. haven't been to Seastar for lunch, but can heartily recommend it for happy hour. It's the best dollar store ever! $1 sushi sampler, $1 oyster on the half shell, $1 scallop ceviche. All very fresh and while not inventive, very good.

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        I'd do Happy Hour too. I had lunch there and it wasn't super impressive.