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Sep 8, 2009 05:34 PM

Breakfast in Sedona

Hi all,

I'm going to be spending Thursday night and Friday in Sedona, and I've decided to go to Cafe Elote for dinner after reading about them so much on the board. There wasn't a whole lot of discussion about breakfast though. Any recommendations? I saw something about the Wildflower Bread Company, but it looks like that's a chain, which I'm not particularly into.

Any place that's really great, with interesting menu options? Something more creative than a short stack and scrambled eggs?


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  1. L'Auberge has an excellent breakfast. They have tables set up by a picturesque stream. It was several years since I went but they had some sort of banana crepe to die for.

    1. Cafe Elote is only open for dinner..
      From the Coffee Pot for myriad of omeletes to Wildflower Bread Co. which is pretty darn good and cheap too for a chain..great red rock view
      L'Auberge is lovely along with Yavapai at Enchantment Resort.
      Sedona Airport has a cafe at the top of the hill and you can watch the planes land.
      Oaxaca has a Mex breakfast that is better than their lunch/dinner items.

        1. Heartline Cafe - good food in a lovely garden setting - more interesting than Coffee Pot and Wildflower, not as pricey as L'Auberge and Enchantment. Hmmm... but Enchantment's in a spectacular location - make reservations if you decide to go or you can't get past the gate keeper!