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Favourite (grainy) mustard?

It's condiment replenishment time and I'm looking for a great grainy mustard - just the right amount of bite + zing, yet smooth (flavour, not texture). Ideally I'll be able to track it down in a speciality shop or regular grocery store. Any suggestions?

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  1. They sell Boar's Head up there in TO??? Their deli mustard is really great...has horseradish...and happens to be very low sodium....we all love it!!!!

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      Thanks, Val. I'm in Vancouver at the moment, but I'll go looking for the stuff.

    2. Cheap and cheerful, President's Choice horseradish Dijon.

      1. I like Jack Daniels Stone Ground Dijon.

        1. Zatarain's is good and inexpensive

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            Yes, Zat's Creole mustard is really also very good! I can only find it in a few stores though....but it is truly good stuff.

            1. Pommery Moutarde de Meaux

              It comes in some kind of pottery pot

              grainy and tasty!

              In Quebec available in many grocery stores (including some loblaws) so should be easily findable in Vancouver

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                Ditto. Although I admit it's got a nostalgic association for me. My oldest sister always had this around long before I ever discovered cooking or the world of condiments that is now my fridge, and I first had it on sandwiches and such at her house, along with real mayonnaise. I had only had regular yellow mustard up until that point I think. When it ran out, she kept her smaller kitchen spoons and such in it on the counter. So it is also very versatile !!

                I luuurve mustards nowadays and I swear there are a couple I could eat off the spoon from the jar (ever had the Kozlik's Old Smokey?). I have many varieties in my fridge, but I adore this one, I love the texture. Found it at a couple of nearby small markets, not cheap mind but so very worth it.

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                  "Pommery Moutarde de Meaux"

                  Great stuff!

                2. I like the Maille whole-grain. It's widely available.

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                    Yep. I'm happy with Maille and it's always in the supermarket (although I currently have a couple of jars brought back from France)

                  2. Make your own and make it exactly the way you want it.


                    I used brown mustard seeds with pomegranate vinegar and honey. When it was done it would take the paint off walls (in a good way) so I mellowed it out with fig preserves. The point being, you're in the drivers seat so you decide how coarse, how sweet, what flavors and you can keep going until it fits your ideal.

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                      Thank you rainey, I'd love to make my own mustard (ketchup0 too! I make my own bbq sauce which is completely wonderful and exactly the way I like it. Thanks for posting the link, with this economy it make sense to make our own( less preserveatives and other junk), and gives us some control on what we're buying. Has anyone noticed the prices keep going up at on groceries or is it just happening here in No. CA?

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                        I made my own ketchup once. I may have had the wrong recipe but it involved a whole day of stewing the brew then straining, bottling, etc. And it really didn't clean my clock when it was all done.

                        If you've got a recipe you'd care to share I'd give it another try.

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                          I do, it's handwritten, let me look in this black hole I call an office. It does involve quite a bit of cooking. Let me find it.

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                        rainey - thanks so much. The thought of pomegranate vinegar and honey sounds divine. And I just bought some brown mustard seeds to make dhal. I will definitely try making my own.

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                          I used exclusively brown mustard seeds and that's how I got that take the paint of the walls heat. Next time I'll experiment with part yellow. I think it could make the color a little more interesting as well.

                          Here's a link to a pic of my brown mustard http://www.flickr.com/photos/75667634...

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                            WOW! That looks soooo good! Ok is this the one with pom in it? And the recipe to the link above it the one? How much honey and pom? The recipe reads black mustard seeds is that the same you used? I have dark ones as well.
                            I'm never buying jarred spicy mustard again. I have many different mustards for different foods, but spicy brown goes the fastest. I won't have to ever buy it again!

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                              Yes, that's it. I used a commercial pomegranate vinegar in the amount called for in the recipe and substituted honey for the sugar. Then I prepared it as the recipe specifies.

                              I think the recipe should say that it needs to mellow for a week or two before you taste it. After I tasted mine it was too high octane for me so I mellowed it with the fig preserves. And that's what you see there.

                              I've never heard of black mustard seeds -- I only know of the yellow and brown ones that Penzeys carries. So I had to look up black mustard and this is what I found http://www.recipezaar.com/library/mus...

                        1. You CH'ers are wonderful. Thank you so much for the suggestions. The only one that I've tried out of this list is the Maille one. But your ideas have got me thinking that I need to host and Oktoberfest party complete with beer and mustard tastings... mustard to accompany the sausages of course.

                          1. Yes! Tracklements Wholegrain Mustard. Oooooh yum. You can just crunch on the little nuggets. Mmmm! They also make a whole grain honey mustard which is also really good.

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                              I sometimes chomp on the seeds too. ;>