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Sep 8, 2009 04:56 PM

Duck and lamb stock in San Diego

I needed some duck stock today and looked at many different shops (Bristol Farms, WF, Henry's, Jonathan, TJ, Ralphs, Vons etc.) but couldn't find it anywhere. It looks like after looking at so many shops today that it seems impossible to find duck and lamb stock in San Diego. Does anybody has a source for them ?

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  1. Try Surfas in LA. They have the lamb, and sometimes duck.

    1. Great News sells concentrated pastes for all of these.

      1. If you need duck stock because you're cooking a duck, you can make a quick stock while the duck roasts. Take wing tips, heart and gizzard and any other spare parts (except liver), cover with canned low-salt chicken broth, add a small quartered onion and a coarsely chopped carrot plus an unpeeled clove of garlic or two. . Bring just to a boil, skim a few minutes if there's scum on top, lower heat and simmer for about an hour, stirring occasionally and making sure liquid doesn't cook away. Strain liquid into a bowl and skim any fat as best as you can (or place in freezer for 1/2 hour if you have time, to congeal the fat on top.) Workable with regular ducks, even better with Chinese Buddhist-kosher ducks from Asian groceries with head, neck, feet to go into the pot. Laster, after you've eaten the rest of the duck, save the carcass and make more stock in similar fashion, and freeze it for the next time. Really not hard, easier than driving all over looking for what you won't likely find. Those concentrates aren't all that great.

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          This time I wasn't cooking a duck but just wanted to make a pasta dish with duck breast and arugula and the recipe called for duck stock which would have been nice to have a more intense duck taste in the final dish. Making stock wouldn't be the problem but living in an apartment with a relative small fridge/freezer makes it hard to store any kinds of stocks. I guess I have to follow Josh's advice and go to Great News to have at least some concentrates at home for the future.

          1. re: honkman

            Beware, I agree with Naomi, many of those concentrates have a metalic taste to them and are not very good.

            1. re: Captain Jack

              Do you mean the ones at Great News specifically, or just in general? I haven't used the ones they sell at Great News, but I know at Piret's we used some concentrates for certain items and it did fine in a pinch.

              1. re: Josh

                Specifically, the brands at great news that I have tried I did not care for. I am not alone in this opinion, as when Cook's Illustrated did a blind tasting, many of the brands that Great News caries faired poorly. In General, there are notable exceptions such as Provimi Foods frozen veal stock concentrate. This is an excellent product that I discovered by reading the Cook's Illustrated reviews. It is available online through

                1. re: Josh

                  Bonewerks glaces @ specialty produce (open to the public @ specific times ask for kellie palermo ) all stock you need. Frozen, but best pure product you can buy. Try and see for your self. Anything on-line D'Artagnan for example. I would vouch for bonewerks though.

            2. re: naomiwise

              What's the story with Buddhist-kosher ducks? Are they raised more sustainably?

            3. Tip Top in Carlsbad has duck, lamb, veal and chicken demi glace in the frozen section. looks like a large chocolate bar...around $12. was looking at the duck yesterday but i purchased 12 duck legs to make confit instead.