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Sep 8, 2009 04:54 PM

Help, looking 4 places to eat in Windsor!!!!

We are looking for a good dinner place for a saturday night, nothing too fancy and not italian. Also any good suggestions for delivery, pizza or whatever in the downtown area. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Nice-ish:
    3, A Tasting Room
    Hikari (Japanese)

    More Casual:
    California Sushi
    Chatham Street Gastropub (inconsistent)
    The place in the the Art Gallery of Windsor (can't remember the name)
    Mazaar (Lebanese)
    Smoke & Spice

    Very Casual
    Marathon Ethiopian
    El-Mayor (Lebanese)
    Wah Court
    May Wah Inn
    Jade Garden (dim sum on weekends)
    Blue Danube (for Goulash and hearty Hungarian fare)
    Pho Nguyen Hoang (Vietnamese)
    Bac Lieu (Vietnamese)
    Xic Lo (Vietnamese)

    Pub Grub/Bar & Grill
    Cramdon's (awesome wings, fries, fish and chips)

    I know you said no Italian, but it's what Windsor does best:
    La Zingara
    The Cook Shop
    Per Bacco (ask them to go easy on the salt)
    I've heard that the food at Avanti is good

    I love the thin crust gourmet pizzas on whole wheat crust at Armando's
    Vito's has decent wood oven pizza
    Ciociaro Club apparently does great wood oven pizza

    Take-out Shawarma:
    I hear that Shawarma Kingdom has awesome chicken shawarma

    I'm tapped out. Good luck. If you find anything else, PLEASE let me know. I'm purposely not recommending Greek or Indian, as they are pretty lame. I'm also not recommending Chanoso's. I've never had a good meal or good service there, despite all the love it gets from locals. If you're looking for Mexican, go to Mexican town in Detroit. There is a place on Howard, but it's a hole in the wall, called Barrio Fiesta, but I have a sneaking suspicion they might be reasonably authentic. I think they might be a lunch counter only, though.

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      I just had dinner @ MEZZO (Italian) on Erie Street tonite -- and it was fab.
      Both food -- and service!!

      And be sure to get the Tiramisu for dessert! :)

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