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Sep 8, 2009 04:45 PM

LOCKHART BBQ is starting to slide downhill

After visiting Lockhart this past labor day weekend I am convinced that with the crush of the crowds coming to Lockhart for barbecue the four joints are starting to slide into mediocrity. They can not create great barbecue anymore there are too many people coming the travel channel and food channel have caused this. They are cooking gigantic amounts of bbq and bubba it just aint happening anymore. I was at Kreuz pretty damn ordinary if you ask me nothing special here anymore. You will have to look elsewhere Lockhart is barbecue blahsville and oh so boring its a shame they had a nice run but now its over.

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  1. Say it isn't so!

    My oldest son and I did a BBQ tour of central Texas one Friday-Saturday in late July, and while Lockhart was the last of about six stops on Saturday, Smitty's (the former Kreuz location) still satisfied - especially their prime rib. The only other place that matched Smitty's was Snow's in Lexington (our breakfast stop), and they did not offer prime rib, but the brisket, chicken and sausage at Snow's surpassed all other carnivorous experiences of the weekend.

    Hopefully your experience in Lockhart was a Labor Day fluke.

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    1. re: pschweizer

      I agree, it depresses me to hear so many reports of how things have gone downhill at Kreuz.

      I actually completely skipped Lockhart when I was in Central Texas on Labor Day weekend. I went to Snow's last saturday morning and was pleasantly surprised that the line wasn't too bad. I really hope this deterioration in quality doesn't happen to Snow's as well. The brisket, sausage, and ribs are on a completely different league compared to anything from Lockhart, Luling, Taylor, wherever. Perfect crust, smoke ring, moistness, tenderness... everything about these meats went far beyond my expectations and even the tiniest bite had tremendous amounts of smoke flavor. Unfortunately the chicken wasn't ready when I was there and I didn't have the time to wait around, so, next time.

      1. re: pschweizer

        Took the family to Smitty's last weekend for some Q. Ordered 2 pounds of brisket, 4 sausage links and 1.5 pounds of pork ribs. Brisket was more fat than meat and the taste was nothing to write home about, sausage was mushy and greasy but the ribs were the best I've ever eaten. The beans were super and potato salad was very good. Previous experience with Blacks was not a good one (dry brisket and the sides looked like they'd been sitting there for days...literally) but Kreuz has always been better than average. Overall was very disappointed with Smitty's and I won't be going back to Lockhart for Q anytime soon...there are 2 BBQ joints I would recommend however. One is Milt's in Kyle and Woody's in San Marcos.

      2. Personally, I've never been a favorite of Kruez's BBQ. If I do eat BBQ in Lockhart, it's either Black's or Smitty's. I just love the beans at Smitty's. But, beans do not a BBQ make. So, I'll stick to my go to, all time favorite, (by a HUGE margin)
        Louis Mueller's BBQ in Taylor. All others pale by comparison.

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        1. re: twinwillow

          Great to know! ... Louis Mueller's is now on "the list!"

          1. re: twinwillow

            I agree. The last few times I went to Kreuz, the brisket was not good. At all. Dry and tough.

            In Lockhart, Smitty's and Black's are the most consistent, in my experience. And City Market in Luling. And City Market in Giddings. And Snow's in Lexington. And of course, Louis Mueller's in Taylor.

            And the hot links are transcendental in most of these places.

            As far as I'm concerned, only Kreuz has really gone downhill.

            In fact, the last few times I've been to Lockhart, I've skipped them entirely.

            1. re: Jaymes

              We went to Lockhart in the last part of August and I did Black's and Kreuz. Black's was incredible...ribs, brisket, and sausage. The brisket had a great bark and was incredibly moist. The ribs were so tender - I still think about them. Kreuz was really disappointing - brisket was like roast beef...but I still ate it all.

          2. I don't think I would right off the all the BBQ in Lockhart because you went to one place and it was sub par that occasion.
            Black's was great this past weekend. I think I prefer it to Louis Mueller's. Too bad they didn't have any buttermilk pie when we were at Luling Bar-B-Q though. We went to Luling City market for BBQ but tried to go to Luling Bar-B-Q for dessert

            1. I went this summer and thought Lockhart was disappointing too. I hit Smitty's, Kreuz, Louis Mueller's, and Luling City Market on my trip and we had brisket, sausage, and ribs at each. Luling City market was the clear winner across the board.

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              1. re: snatex

                Don't forget. Louis Mueller BBQ is not in Lockhart. it's in Taylor.

                1. re: snatex

                  Next time go to Blacks for brisket.

                2. We went to Lockhart for the first time last week during a Hill Country Trip. I loved Black's-the brisket, turkey, and sausage were great. I honestly do not know what the big deal is with Kreuz-not bad, but nothing outstanding. I would go to Black's, Louie Mueller's, the Salt Lick, Cooper's, and even Rudy's anyday before I'd go back to Kreuz. Stanley's BBQ in Tyler, TX and Hammond's BBQ in Glen Rose, TX were better than Kreuz in my opinion.

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                  1. re: shannydiva

                    Did you try Smitty's while you were in Lockhart?

                    In Lockhart, I like Smitty's and Black's best. And I don't think they're going "downhill" at all.

                    1. re: Jaymes

                      Is Meyer's or Southside in Elgin worth going to?

                      1. re: TexasJeep

                        The famous hot sausage at either one is all I ever stop for at either one of those meyers or southside market. Its pretty addictive.

                        1. re: TexasJeep

                          I drive over there for the sausage. Get a little at each place. It really is wonderful and well worth the drive.

                          But the brisket, etc., is pretty average. That's not the reason to go.