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Sep 8, 2009 04:33 PM

Native American Restaraunts - do they exist?

I was in South Dakota recently on a road trip and I was searching for a Native American restaraunt with no luck.
I was anxious to try dishes from the Lakota and Sioux tribes.
Does anyone know where to find native american food in this country?

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  1. This is going to be WAY more watered down than what you're looking for, but I had a great meal at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC (on the Mall with the other Smithsonians). The various parts of the cafeteria are marked with what region's food they are serving, and there were some really delicious things.

    I know, I know, I'm suggesting museum food. But these days, museum/mall/hotel food is getting to be so fancy, it might be a starting point for your research.

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      Oh I totally agree. We went on a Chowhounders recommendation last spring and it was extremely good. I had baked oysters and celery (Pacific northwest) and the wonderfuly named Salad of the Three Sisters (corn, squash, beans -- from the great plains, which I've successfully recreated at home), and Navajo fry bread.

      Then my son took his buddies when he was a delegate to the National Young Leaders Conference in October, and they were blown away.

      Actually, it occurs to me that he called me most days around lunchtime to ask where they should eat...... Hmm. Some dads give stock tips. I give eating tips. Guess which dad is most memorable to a group of hungry high-school boys?

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        The Smithsonian is also the only place I've ever seen a Native American themed eatery. It was very good as museum food goes. But I'm really glad to see this thread come up.

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          I enjoyed the meals I've had at the Museum of the American Indian.

        2. I had the same shocking and disappointing experience as gandro, years ago, on an extensive road trip through many states and through numerous reservations. I had higher hopes than cigarettes, beer, Slim Jims and gas.
          I hope to learn here that some do exist. Fingers are crossed.

          1. There are native American just have to know where to look. Years ago I saw Loretta Barrett Odin on a PBS program when she demonstrated how to cook bread in an outdoor oven....and again when she was interviewed....

            Here's her bio:

            Native American Restaurants:

            More... and her picture:

            I love this woman...She's engaging, authorative and authentic.

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            1. re: Gio

              Thanks, Gio. The Corn Dance Cafe in Santa Fe sounds like the pick of the litter. I have been to a few of the other NM ones.

              1. re: Veggo

                Ahhh...lucky you, V.! I only wish I could have done when I was travelling.
                Next life maybe.....

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                  One of my favorite meals I had in Santa Fe was at Corn Dance... haven't been in a couple of years though

                  1. re: Tropigal

                    Oh good! This is what I was going to suggest as well! One of the many bright spots in the cuisine of Santa Fe! Ohhhh now I remember how much I want to go back there!

              2. We've had fried bread and Indian Tacos in Nevada at booths at the side of the road to Gerlach. It's not as far north as you described, but good none the less.

                1. I haven't been, and admittedly the menu doesn't sound too legit to quit, but FYI.


                  Meanwhile, like GIo, I've heard a lot of good stuff about Odin, and I can't imagine she's the only one in NM with that emphasis.