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Chocolate Cake suggestions near Manhattan Beach

afarooqs Sep 8, 2009 04:02 PM


I recently moved to Manhattan Beach. I'm wondering where I can find a good chocolate cake in the area...whether it be Death by Chocolate, Devil's foodcake, or a simple Chocolate layer cake.


  1. wienermobile Sep 8, 2009 04:14 PM

    The new Susie Cakes in Manhattan Village Mall has a very good 6 layer chocolate cake.

    1. a
      amela Sep 8, 2009 06:39 PM

      Becker's in downtown. Our go to family birthday cake is the chocolate layer, raspberry filling, chocolate butter cream frosting. Once we ordered this one, we never tried another there but I have had the cupcakes which are pretty darn good. So are the sandwiches. And you will be patronizing a local business to boot.

      1. JEN10 Sep 8, 2009 06:45 PM

        I have been going to Beacker"s since I was a kid. That is the place to hit up for your cake and goodies. I used to get my husband the German Choc. cake every year for his B day whem we lived down there. It is a great bakery run by local's.

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        1. re: JEN10
          kevin Sep 8, 2009 06:53 PM

          do they do by the slice for the chocoalate rasberry cakes at becker's

          1. re: kevin
            amela Sep 8, 2009 08:02 PM

            Sorry Kevin, I don't think they do. And if you specifically want a chocolate raspberry, best to order the day before to make sure it is there waiting for you. I also forgot the iced cookies. I don't know what it is about them, but I crave them. Used to love the kid's school events because invariably someone brought them....

        2. b
          bulavinaka Sep 8, 2009 07:36 PM

          You might check out Lido Bakery on Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach. They do great cakes - they usually have some sorts of chocolate cakes in their case.


          Lido Bakery
          3001 N Sepulveda Blvd, D Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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          1. re: bulavinaka
            odub Sep 9, 2009 11:50 AM

            I'd also recommend the chocolate dobash cake at King's Hawaiian Bakery in Torrance. It's light but luscious.

            1. re: odub
              DrBruin Sep 12, 2009 02:34 PM

              I'd have to second and third ODUB's recommendation on this cake. It's worth the drive down PCH to Torrance.

            2. re: bulavinaka
              Nicole Sep 12, 2009 12:59 PM

              Lido's cakes are wonderful. My favorite is actually the mixed berry cake but I've gotten good chocolate cake there too.

            3. i
              ITry Sep 13, 2009 09:59 AM

              All great suggestions. On a related note, I live in Hermosa Beach about 25 years ago. On Pier Ave, across the street from where Mrs. Goochs used to be (the barn shaped building), there was an Indian restaurant. It was painted red, that's all I remember. They had some of the best homemade chocolate cage I've ever had. I remember the owner to my guest and I that it was his treasured mothers recipe. Does anyone remember the name of the place and where they moved to? I've driven around the area on numerous occasions when I'm in town. I'm hoping they're not gone for good, aside from the cake, the food was awesome as well. But the cake...

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