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Sep 8, 2009 03:49 PM

visiting soon, need suggestions Napa/San Fran

My husband and i are coming to San Fran from Baltimore for a 5 day visit, we have a car coming for us on a monday and are trying to put together a day in Napa...ive looked at tons of websites and just feel overwhelmed. We travel worldwide and know that the best places are best found through locals! In Napa we are looking for winerys that will knock our socks off, a lunch and dinner place (we love french and italian) We love beautiful views and good food.
In San Fran we hope to find a must eat at in chinatown and a swanky place for dinner/drinks and a good club scene on a Sat night! maybe a suchi spot? Willing to pay for good quality food, but very open to shacks that make amazing food for just a few bucks. Very open to any other must do's while we are there. Thank you!!

PS...we are open to all types of foods and scenes, good people and atmosphere are all we require!

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  1. Hey adrianak, fellow traveler to SF here. First things first: be warned that some folks in the Bay Area don't take kindly to the term "San Fran" (and don't even think about "Frisco"!). SF or the City seems to work. Like Vancouver, the best Chinese offerings seem to be outside of Chinatown proper, although there are a few that still get love, so don't be surprised if you find people suggesting you cast a wider net. We now return you to your regularly scheduled SF Bay Area 'Hounds...

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      had NO idea San Fran was a no no! LOL...well the city it is then!! thank you!!!

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        My pleasure. I've had so much great help from the 'Hounds here but you need to give them a bit more detail, like what you are actually willing to pay, where you are staying (and coming from, which I take it is Baltimore), possibly your age range and any other tidbits that might help narrow down the more than 5,000 restaurant options in the Bay Area. Maybe post a few places that sound interesting that you've found in your research, which I know can be overwhelming, thus giving folks an idea of what you are attracted to. The French and Italian note is good -- from reading here it seems to me there are a lot of great options in the latter category for sure, one of which I've actually tried (La Ciccia) and loved :-). If you like places that are attached to "names" I've heard good things about Fleur de Lys although perhaps less so latterly. We really enjoyed Aziza and thought it was quite unique to SF (Cal-Moroccan), with intriguing drinks. There are so many choices, you really need to give the 'Hounds a bit more to go on!

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          again i really appreciate the help, i've been on chowhound for about 3 days and am just figuring out how to work this thing and whats best. We travel a lot and food and wine are high on the proirity list, but we've wasted a lot of money by just "winging" it and ive been told this is a good place to help. Again thank you, i'll def be checking into all suggestions!

    2. For San Francisco, this should get you started

      Visitng SF. Eat like a local not a tourist.

      Entering Napa and Winery in search and reading some of those posts would be helpful

      This same question is asked a minimum of once a week and almost daily it seems during heavy visitor season. In fact, I thought yours was a duplicate of an almost identical post within the last few days.

      I hope you are aware that Napa the city is different than Napa the region. That being said my two picks for your visit in that area would be Brix for lunch andUbunto for dinner.Websites, and previous reports in these two links

      Both have top notch chefs. Brix has one of the prettiest views of the retaurant's gardes and the vineyards. Ubuntu is a creative and amazing restaurant that should not be missed.

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        i cna only imagine that you get a lot of these postings...its my first trip to the city and want to enjoy it the best way possible. i saw through one of those links that there is a farmers market on Saturday...we will be in about noon that day, is that to late? is there one on Sunday that we can go to? We love farmers markets! thank you

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          Saturday noon is late, but will still give you an idea. On Sunday morning in San Rafael there is almost the equal. So if you have a car for a day it wouldn't be a bad market to visit. There is a Sunday farmers market in Civic Center but iti is a whole different crowd. Still there is interesting stuff there, just not the same as the Saturday Market which is by far the best of the Bay Area and worth a special trip, IMO.

          If yo key in the city you will be visiting, here's a list of farmers markets

          While many of these have some of the same vendors as Ferry Plaza, they don't have the sheer numbers and, IMO, are more for locals.

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            we don't get in till about ten and by the time we make it to the market i'm sure it will be to late. I'll def look inot the link. Another question since you seem to know all...we are in our early 30's and want a great place to eat dinner and drinks on a Sat night with a good scene...any suggestions?

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              BTW, that link for eat like a local was great!