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Sep 8, 2009 02:51 PM

New Caribbean joints in Long Branch

So I was driving through Broadway and saw a couple of new Jamaican/Caribbean joints in Long Branch. Ever since I spring breaked in Jamaica I'm always searching for good Jerk in Jersey.

Anyway, unfortunately I was once again disappointed.

The first place I went to is right on Broadway next to Diaz's Flavor. When I went the place was basically devoid of food or people, and I was told they were out of jerk chicken.

I went back the next day around 5, and guess what? No jerk chicken again. :(

The next place I found is on Memorial by El Oaxaqueno. There I asked for Jerk chicken only (no rice or sides.) For 5 dollars I got a tiny package (maybe 1/3 of a lb?) of shredded chicken parts that barely resembled jerk. When I asked if they had any jerk sauce for the chicken they offered either BBQ or "brown stew sauce." Ugh. It was a sad, sad day in my life.

I kind of want to go back to the place on Broadway but now I'm afraid to. :( I guess I'll be going back to Castaways for the time being.

Does anyone know of any other Caribbean/Jamaican joints in the area?

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  1. Joon - I'm not sure if it's till there, but a number of years back I used to get some really good jerk chicken at a place in Lakewood. I don't recall the name but it was located in a small shopping plaza on Cedar Bridge Road right near the downtown. Again, they could be long gone but I still wanted to "throw it out there." BTW, they offered many types of jerk and served it atop cabbage and fried plaintains. Chicken and an bottle of Ting and I was in paradise. Good Luck on your quest.

      1. Was the restaurant on Broadway called Dominican? I pass it but never stopped in.
        Actually, I hardly ever see anyone in any of these restaurants. Do Brazilians and Portuguese eat very late or mostly take-out?
        Or are they a cover for something else?