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Sep 8, 2009 02:42 PM

T.J.'s Steakhouse at the Hilton (Las Vegas)

I'll be staying at the Hilton in Las Vegas next week. I noticed that they have a steakhouse on the premises. Is T.J.'s any good? If not, are any of the restaurants in that complex worth a visit? I have a $100 voucher for a meal at any of the Hilton's restaurants. Thanks!

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  1. Claire,

    I'm afraid I don't have current info for you. I've stayed at the Hilton many times and restaurants aren't one of its strengths. I don't know if they made significant changes since the rename of the restaurant, but it used to be as good as any of the other "gourmet" restaurants, and probably better than the Italian or Chinese place. One alternative is the sushi bar, which is pleasant and quiet, if totally generic. Benihana is another option, too.