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Sep 8, 2009 02:26 PM

No more places for ice cream in Ansonia-Derby, CT

Last friday I took my sister and nephew out for lunch and then for ice cream afterwards. We drove over to Sundaes by the River in Derby on rte 34 by the marina and when we pulled into the lot the ice cream shop was gone! We drove over to Center St in Shelton to the old Carvel place and got ice cream there. Is there anywhere in the Ansonia-Derby area left for ice cream anymore? So sad!!!!

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  1. How sad - - I loved Sundaes by the river, if not for location alone--something about eating ice cream while watching the boats.

    Is Wells Hollow Creamery on Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton too far? Delish. You can watch the cows and chickens instead of the river action!

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      Forgot about Wells Hollow and there is Rich's Farm in Oxford too but nothing left in Ansonia or Derby. I wanted to stay in town but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen anymore! Thanks!

    2. Oh - - and I forgot - - what about the creamery place on the corner of Route 34 and Grassy Hill in Derby--seasonal, if you can get past the manure smell. Not sure of the consistency of their hours--is it fieldview farm?

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        Yes, that's Field View -- and I *love* that smell, by the way. The sign out front says it's open from 1pm-7pm.

      2. Try Rich Farm up in Oxford on Rt. 67. Awesome Ice Cream, Huge sundaes. If the lines are long, just wait, its worth it

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          A little further over but weve fallen in love with Wentworths on Whitney in Hamden- their maple walnut in a HOMEMADE waffle cone is fabulous (the summer flavor for us was the coconut)- I never even liked ice cream much until I tried this place (closed on Sundays however)

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            There's a Wentworth's in downtown Wallingford (1-9PM) - is it operated by the same folks as in Hamden?

        2. Thanks everyone, I know about all those places, just wanted somewhere local in town.