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Sep 8, 2009 01:51 PM

Outer Banks Pizzerias?

From what I can gather from the internet, it seems the following are among the pizzerias most frequently mentioned (in no particular order) as places to get a decent pizza at the OBX:

Cosmo's (Southern Shores)
Black Pelican (Wood fired oven in Kitty Hawk)
New York Pizza Pub (Nags Head)
Slice Pizzeria (KD Hills)
Lisa's Pizza (Rodanthe)
Dare Devil's Pizza (KD Hills)
Pizza Pizazz (Kitty Hawk)
Stone Oven Pi zza (Kitty Hawk)

I am visiting the OBX on the week of September 19th through 26th and would like to know a few things:

Which three or four of these are "must visits"? Are there any other places?

Not to be curt and sorry for the rambling, but to help clarify myself better:

1. I don't care about the atmosphere, how strong the wait staff is, the view, other food items on the menu or any of that (although these are certainly nice things to have).....which places make the best pizza, period.

2. I am not interested in delivery pizza

3. I am not interested in chain (Little Ceasar's, Domino's, etc) pizzerias and have not eaten chain pizza for about two years now, even if paid for by someone else at a party.

4. I appreciate most styles of pizza, as long as they are made well. If I had to choose, Neapolitan (true), New-York Neapolitan, New Haven and New York Style are my favorite. I like everyhing from what some would consider "gourmet" pizza and I like a no-frills cheese and sauce slice if it is well made.

5. Regardless of the style, ideally there MUST be a balance between a good crust, sauce, cheese and toppings. Too many pizzerias focus on offering too many toppings of mediocre quality and cannot make a good crust to save their lives. My favorite pizza is pizza margherita (home made, bright, *non-marinara like* sauce from fresh tomtoes, fior-di-latta or bufala, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil) or similar pizzas which use a restrained amount of very high quality toppings balanced against a fresh sauce and a crust with an outer crisp layer and an airy, chewy inside with good hole structure, a good flavor and is NOT undercooked. I should not have to ask for my pizza to be "well done", it should be cooked properly to begin with.

I have not seen many pictures of the pizza at these places and not to bash Dare Devils Pizza as I have not even visited, but pictures like this

look absolutely revolting and yet another shot of a pizza from the same pizzeria like this:

shows an end crust which is actually not undercooked and browned somewhat nicely. To be fair to Dare Devils, I will visit it if the place is open during off-season.

I realize expectations for truly great pizza while at the beach are not entirely realistic, but given some of the things I mentioned in this post, which pizzerias would put me in the ballpark, so to speak, or at least in the parking lot?

Thank you so much for all your time and help and I'm not trying to be difficult, merely clear.

I won't be doing my round pizzas at the beach as I'm not sure what type of oven the house has, but if you are in the Kitty Hawk area that week, I may be making a few of my naturally leavened/sourdough Sicilian style pizzas like the ones I have included pictures of.

Send me an e-mail and maybe one or two of you can come join us for a couple of slices and a beer. I do have a pizza blog, but am having some difficulties with it, so some pages may not display correctly....sorry! Thanks and take care --PB

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  1. Need a shot with some of the red onions!

    1. I cannot remember eating at any of these but Stone Oven when I lived in the Outer Banks, but Stone Oven was delicious pizza and considered quite a treat after a day of surfing. You might also want to check out Lou Petrozza's current place - I think I found it by googling when I was down there last. I worked there the summer after high school, and we made truly tasty food. Possibly my first exposure to the roots of "foodie" ingredients and tastes.

      1. This makes about as much sense as me coming to Balimore to eat NC style bbq for a week.

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        1. re: bbqdawg

          Hey Dawg, it could certainly appear that way!

          I'm not coming to the OBX to eat pizza, but for vacation. That being said, I like to try a few of the better regarded pizzerias in any area I visit.

          I'm not expecting a beach pizzeria to live up to a NYC pizza (and a good pizza does NOT need to be New York style, or any particular style), but am merely looking for the best the beach has to offer.

          My initial post was to help people direct me to the places, if they exist, that really focus on making good pizza, even if they are not the most popular from an absolute sales/marketing standpoint.

        2. well- the OBX is not a piza haven, by any stretch of the imagination. WE have had lots and lots of bad pizza there. We stay in Whalehead, and Cosmos is ok- ut you may have to ask for it well done. we tried Slice Pizzeria this year and it was ok. WE usually get pizza on our last night, and we stay in a hotel the night before we get our rental, so sometimes we get a pizza then, too. But we may have to resort to making our own.

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          1. re: macca

            Please note that Cosmo's in Corolla and Cosmo's in Southern Shores are two different places with two different owners. Southern Shores is definitely better and the best pizza in Corolla is Corolla Pizza, FWIW.

            I like Cosmo's in Southern Shores better than most of the others mentioneed by the OP. There's also a new NY syple pizza place, 261-STOP at Southern Shores across from Home Depot...they do some good pizza, too!

            1. re: SweetPhyl

              I think Corolla Pizza has odd hours. Cosmos was not too bad, but it does need to be ordered wll done, IMO. Thanks for the tip, will definitely try Corolla Pizza next year. We get pizza our last night there, and i can tell you that we have had some bad pizzas ( tomato patch was the worst, IMO).

          2. The Black Pelican is usually pretty good for everything they serve. I've tried the NY Pizza Pub, and they were good. You should stop in the Great Bridge area of Chesapeake,VA and go to Chesapeake Pizza. They've been around for a long time. You'll be very close to it on your way to the OBX.

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            1. re: foodjack

              Chesapeake Pizza looks like it'll have to be worked into the drive. :)

              1. re: foodjack

                Directions: as you are driving to the OBX, you'll be exiting I-64 at exit 291-B which is the Rt. 168 bypass of the Great Bridge area. The signs will direct you towards Nags Head as you get on the bypass. Take the first Mt. Pleasant Rd. exit off of the bypass, and go to the first traffic light at Battlefield Blvd. Turn left onto Battlefield Blvd., and Chesapeake Pizza will be on your right about three blocks down. Like I said, it's really close to you as you are driving to the OBX. By the way, bring cash. They don't accept credit cards. Enjoy, it is a favorite of this area.

                1. re: foodjack

                  Thanks for the detailed directions foodjack!

                  Much appreciated :)