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Sep 8, 2009 01:39 PM

Kensington/NW good eats

It's a good friend's birthday next week and we were thinking we'd grab some dinner before a concert at the University. We're looking for reasonably healthy, mid-priced options in the University/Kensington/Parkdale NW areas for a few people with discerning palates. Any ideas?

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  1. Tandoori Hut in Kensington could do the trick on the reasonably healthy side. Closer to the U, on the less healthy side, Big Ts BBQ does some some delicious mixed platters for a small group. Dirt cheap too. (There's also a Saigon Y2K in the same strip mall.)

    1. Nikos in Kensington fits all your requirements as does Pulcinella's if you're into Neapolitan style pizza... but Niko's is my first choice. Great service, wonderfully prepared simple Italian dishes, outstanding prices but with a small and at times confusing wine list.

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        I second Niko's. Fabulous. Quiet. Good Value. Should be great for a birthday pow wow before heading out!

      2. I should have added Marathon on 10th for Ethiopian.