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Sep 8, 2009 01:38 PM

Dexter inspired food for my halloween party

I love the TV show Dexter, and I am planning a Dexter inspired halloween party. Problem is, I want my food to be something from the show (or at least inspired by) but all I can come up with is... donuts. Haha. Which I will certainly have, but can anyone think of anything else I could make? I think Dexter eats some type of cuban sandwiches but I can't really remember. Help!

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  1. The whole scene at the beginning is about his breakfast - the coffee grinding, the blood orange juice being squeezed, the ham steaks and fried egg. Maybe something that uses a few of these elements? Ham is the easiest - on small toasts, etc. I like the blood ornage juice for a drink. I don't know how cold it is in Nov for you, but coffee granita is delicious - for colder temps, baked in desserts.

    1. I would go with Cuban food because it's so Miami. There are a lot of scenes where characters are chowing down on what looks like great Cuban food. It makes me wish the show were slightly more into product placement. Maybe not in obvious ways like Entourage or Sex and the City, but casual like on The Wire ("Naw, I'm just eating some Faidley's" and you see a giant lump crabcake, but there's no extended conversation about it).

      And then to add a Halloween/serial killer twist, serve bloody looking drinks like cocktails that use blood orange or pomegranate, or bloody marys.

      Not sure how gruesome you're aiming to get with your theme, but surgically precise cuts of thick ham, as suggested by vcavett, seem like a good start. Perhaps with a bit of "bloody" jelly.

      Serve a cake that's strapped down to the plate (or all the way around the table) with plastic wrap, and slice it open when dinner's done. Or serve little people-shaped cookies (like gingerbread men) tied with plastic wrap or butcher's string.

      1. I love these ideas! I totally forgot all about the breakfast scene in the beginning. Blood orange is perfect, and the cake idea is great! I am so excited for this

        1. Lots of great ideas already... wasn't there a series where evidence was encased in ice? Could make for interesting jello shots say.

          Last time I checked Steve had a lot of interesting/creepy food/food ideas on the site(meant for kids science projects but great for halloween) the site is down for maintenance but they list an 800#.

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            Oh man, yeah the hand with all the different colored fingernails. I wonder if i could make a huge block of ice like that to put in a punch bowl. Disgustingly amazing.

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              That is seriously genius. You'll need to plan a few days ahead because the one time I froze a block of ice about the size of a gallon of milk (to use as a wine chiller) it took several days in my cheap apartment fridge.

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                Oh if you do something with different colored fingernails, you'll *have* to take a picture - I'd love to see it!

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                  I'd suggest smaller blocks - silicone baking molds work well and come in a multitude of shapes. Like Pei said, big blocks take a long time to freeze and smaller ones will fit better in the punch bowl. :)

              2. Inexpensive body props (do you have a Spirit store in your town) can be reshaped to create serving bowls, cups, etc.

                Slicing the top off a head makes a great way to display "Brains" which can be either a gelatin brain or a full head of blanched cauliflower. Tthis is where dips add to the fun. Bloody onion dip, ranch blood dip or blood 'n guts gelatin can go in a carved out body part - chest, arm, etc. be sure to line them with plastic wrap so as not to get any body "crumbles" in it (I also paint it with a sealer once I've carved it out.

                Cups glued into the stump of a cut-off hand (arm side down, so they can put it on a table). Finger shot glasses

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                  No Spirit.. I live in NH (haha, nothing here) but maybe I can order some stuff online. good ideas!