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Sep 8, 2009 01:36 PM

Alternate meat for Thanksgiving

Hi all, I know it is only September but I am already planning Thanksgiving. I am having a slightly larger crowd this year than that last year and last year we really had no leftover turkey. I was thinking of roasting a turkey but also doing another type of meat. Does anyone have a favorite recipe? I have had somone suggest goose, though I have never made a goose before. Would love some suggestions.

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  1. I often include a stuffed pork loin along with the turkey. I have a Fig/Balsamic Vinegar from Bistro Blends ( the makes a very nice dipping sauce for the pork and provides another level of flavor to the meal as a whole.

    1. I usually do 2 turkeys for large Thanksgiving crowd (sometimes one the day before, one the day of, depending on timing.) We have also done a spiral ham along with turkey, which was a big hit.

      1. we often prepare a crown roast of pork along with the turkey. it gives me an excuse to make two different kinds of stuffing, too--one traditional sage, the other maple cornbread and sausage.

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          I was just thinking of a crown roast of pork- is there a particular recipe you follow?

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            in recent years, i've cooked the stuffing completely outboard. the roast cooks more evenly and more quickly. i rub the whole shabang with a slurry of olive oil, salt/pepper, garlic, and thyme. if serving the pork as the only meat, i use sage, too. for thanksgiving, i let the turkey hog the sage. cover the frenched ends with foil, toss some sliced apples loosely into the cavity and cook to an internal temp of--well, i say 145. pour a half cup of white wine and/or stock over the roast each hour. for a full double rack crown it'll take perhaps 2,5 hrs, but the temp will define the end. for thanksgiving i will the apples and put some cooked dressing in the cavity before presenting at table.

            cooks mag makes a cogent case for never cooking a crown roast--just two pork rib roasts. i'm a sucker for the crown presentation, though, and find that keeping the dressing outside the roast limits the need to overcook the roast to get it done evenly.

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              outside dressing (opposed to stuffing) does avoid some safety issues.

              although even with my family's lackadaisical manner it was never an issue.

        2. Fry the turkey, and roast/smoke some ducks........


          1. goose is ok, but the grease released in cooking is a bit overwhelming. I l prefer a nice pheasant which has the opposite problem, you have to bard it before roasting, generally smaller than a turkey, larger than a duck.

            I like the crown roast of pork suggestion.