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Sep 8, 2009 01:11 PM

On the Upper West Side for a couple days...

I am meeting my first cousin in NYC for a couple of days...we're staying at Hotel Beacon at Broadway and 75th. We both love to eat (and cook) and since she's from California and I'm from Boston (area) we are both Manhattan neophytes. Since we only have a couple of days...looking for advice. Probably no mex, as she has that in abundance, but we both love Asian. I'm kinda meh on Italian. Surely we should have a deli breakfast or lunch. As the hotel will start us off at nearly $300 apiece for the trip, I'm thinking moderate prices. Neither of us are picky.

Thanks for all suggestions...

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  1. Nick & Tony's and Cafe Luxumburg are nearby and they are both good. I would avoid the pre-theater times at both of these places. As for Asian cuisine, it's a bit pricey but you cannot go wrong with Asiate.

    1. Well the neighborhood has only a few brights spots but better foodie areas are close (Hells Kitchen)

      Directly across from your hotel is Fairlway market where you can get some prepared foods, fruit, deli etc if you want to picnic in Central or Riverside Park for lunch or dinner. About the only Asian I recomend around there is Land Thai.
      Def get a burger at Shake Shack (77th and Columbus)
      On 9th ave in the 40s/50s you'll find Wondee Siam and Pam Real Encore Thai
      Good pancakes etc at Good Enough to Eat (82nd is - Amsterdam)
      Deli - get to Katz's for Pastrami (but only on a weekeday as the weekends are maddeningly crowded.

      This list is not meant to be complete, there will be many more posts here

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        Why are you recommending Pam Encore, and not the original, which on 49th St. is actually 2 blocks closer to where Altaira will be staying? Anyway, while Pam (the original branch) is a quality place, I have found Wondee to be better - assuming you order Thai-style in both places.

      2. We like Kefi on Columbus Avenue. It's a moderately priced Greek in a casual setting.

        For Vietnamese, we go to Saigon Grill on Amsterdam and 90th. Cheap and good.

        Haven't tried A Cafe and Wine Room (French Caribbean) but heard good things about it:

        My boss, who lives in the area swears by Yuki Sushi on Amsterdam and 92nd.

        Hope this helps.

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          1. manhattan is ridiculously easy to get around, walk, subway, and cab all take to places simply and quickly. don;t limit yourself to any 'hood just because it's where you lay your ass down to sleep......