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On the Upper West Side for a couple days...

I am meeting my first cousin in NYC for a couple of days...we're staying at Hotel Beacon at Broadway and 75th. We both love to eat (and cook) and since she's from California and I'm from Boston (area) we are both Manhattan neophytes. Since we only have a couple of days...looking for advice. Probably no mex, as she has that in abundance, but we both love Asian. I'm kinda meh on Italian. Surely we should have a deli breakfast or lunch. As the hotel will start us off at nearly $300 apiece for the trip, I'm thinking moderate prices. Neither of us are picky.

Thanks for all suggestions...

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  1. Nick & Tony's and Cafe Luxumburg are nearby and they are both good. I would avoid the pre-theater times at both of these places. As for Asian cuisine, it's a bit pricey but you cannot go wrong with Asiate.

    1. Well the neighborhood has only a few brights spots but better foodie areas are close (Hells Kitchen)

      Directly across from your hotel is Fairlway market where you can get some prepared foods, fruit, deli etc if you want to picnic in Central or Riverside Park for lunch or dinner. About the only Asian I recomend around there is Land Thai.
      Def get a burger at Shake Shack (77th and Columbus)
      On 9th ave in the 40s/50s you'll find Wondee Siam and Pam Real Encore Thai
      Good pancakes etc at Good Enough to Eat (82nd is - Amsterdam)
      Deli - get to Katz's for Pastrami (but only on a weekeday as the weekends are maddeningly crowded.

      This list is not meant to be complete, there will be many more posts here

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        Why are you recommending Pam Encore, and not the original, which on 49th St. is actually 2 blocks closer to where Altaira will be staying? Anyway, while Pam (the original branch) is a quality place, I have found Wondee to be better - assuming you order Thai-style in both places.

      2. We like Kefi on Columbus Avenue. It's a moderately priced Greek in a casual setting.


        For Vietnamese, we go to Saigon Grill on Amsterdam and 90th. Cheap and good.

        Haven't tried A Cafe and Wine Room (French Caribbean) but heard good things about it: http://www.acafeny.com/

        My boss, who lives in the area swears by Yuki Sushi on Amsterdam and 92nd.

        Hope this helps.

        1. manhattan is ridiculously easy to get around, walk, subway, and cab all take to places simply and quickly. don;t limit yourself to any 'hood just because it's where you lay your ass down to sleep......

          1. Other than Earthen Ovem, there isn't very much good, moderately-priced Asian on the UWS, but the city is very easily accessed from that neighborhood. On the 2/3 you can be in the Village within 15 minutes for Szechuanese at Grand Sichuan. For a deli breakfast, be sure to check out Barney Greengrass.

            1. I would say you should fit in a lunch at Jean George. The level of food there at the lunch time price cannot be touched in NYC.

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                Jean George is on the list...seems to have many CH fans.

              2. My favorite Ethiopian I have been to is called Zoma.. It's a little more north but, a taxi or subway will get you there..

                Recipe is a wonderful little spot.. Seasonal ingredients, priced really well, the food has always been really good..

                You are going to be right by Gran Daisy Bakery which has wonderful pizzas and breads.

                Not the most high end place but, I really like the wings over at Blondies.. It's a total sports bar but, they have good wings..

                Don't forget you are right by hot dog royalty.. Gray's Papaya

                You are also very close to Shake Shack which is a really nice burger if you are looking to grab something quick

                Check out Zabar's for breakfast.. You can grab some salads and stuff and picnic in the park if you want to..

                You are also by Levain Bakery which has wonderful cookies

                Butter Cup Bakery has really nice cupcakes.. I love their red velvets.

                You guys can also walk to the Time Warner Center and grab something at Bouchon Bakery.. Tomas Keller's spot. .Though the last time I went I had an ok experience.

                I wouldtell you to go to Jean Georges for lunch... It's one of my favorite restaurant's in NY.. The lunch deal is ridiculous..

                Good luck

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                  good list Daniel...I would add Grom for Gelato and Jacques Torres for chocolates (and ice cream if still in season). Also Joe has great coffee and they serve donut planet (do a search) donuts...Also Barney Greengrass (do another search) for great breakfast and other jewish delicacies...

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                    I was actually at Jaques Torrez last night and I must say, I was not super unimpressed.. I have been to the one in brooklyn and the one down on Hudson and was not impressed their either..

                    The little ones doctor is right there and she was super brave when getting a flu shot.. We decided to walk her over and get her whatever she wanted.. Whatever she wanted consisted of a lot of things..

                    The ice cream was the only thing I found to be of really good quality.. Really rich chocolate and super creamy texture.Their chocolates I found were on par with Godiva.. And that is not a good thing..

                    A lot of the stuff is gimmicky and cute however, it wasnt that good.. And some of the stuff is crazy expensive .. 10 dollars for a small container of malt balls.. No thanks..

                    I am a Mason Du CHocolate and Kee's man all the way..

                    However, Neuhouse Chocolates are better than Jaques Torres by miles.

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                      Have you tried Bespoke Chocolates? I find it kind of similar to Kee's -- freshly made with lots of love and very interesting flavors.

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                        I have not and will certainly give it a shot and since it's right next to me, I am going tonight.

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                    you'll be around the corner from Fatty Crab, which i love.
                    barney greengrass is great for deli breakfast (smoked fish esp
                    )are you really planning to spend all your time in the upper west? it might be a good idea to make a rough itinerary and then get a few suggestions of great places in the neighborhoods you plan to be in. all of the above are good but you'll be spending a lot of time near your hotel...

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                      No, I'm sure we won't, just where we're staying. Fatty Crab sounds very intriguing!

                    2. re: Daniel76

                      Hmmm....Ethiopian! Never done that...

                    3. You must leave the Upper West Side to eat it is a culinary wasteland TRUST ME.

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                      1. THANKS everybody for such good suggestions...we promise not to ghetto-ize ourselves in the UWS!

                        1. I would take RGR's self-guided LES gustatory tour:

                          And also: Don't Leave NY Without Eating...

                          1. Thanks, all for your suggestions. We found:
                            Momofuku Noodle Bar was awesome. Loved, loved, loved the pork buns.
                            Saigon Grill also good. Had a great meal there.
                            Katz's...yeah, we did that. Pickles were the best part.
                            Perry Street...half an hour after our reservation (10:00!) before we were seated. Had the prix fixe. Amuse bouche was a celery root base, nice mouth, complex flavours. Shrimp appetizer was a little over-fenneled for my taste. Fried chicken was...fried chicken. Meh. Wouldn't go back. Momofuku was our fave for the trip.

                            Momofuku Noodle Bar
                            171 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

                            Saigon Market
                            91 University Pl, New York, NY 10003

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                            1. re: Altaira

                              Pickles were the best part at Katz's? And you got pastrami sandwiches?

                            2. Also try:

                              Sushi of Gari - Columbus and 77th
                              Soutine Bakery - Columbus and 70th
                              West Branch - Broadway and 77th
                              Nice Matin - 79th and Amsterdam
                              Bar Bao - 82nd and Columbus
                              Mughlai - 75th and Columbus

                              Soutine Bakery
                              104 W 70th St, New York, NY 10023

                              Sushi of Gari
                              402 East 78th Street, New York, NY 10075

                              320 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023

                              370 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024

                              Nice Matin
                              201 West 79th Street, New York, NY 10024

                              Bar Bao
                              100 West 82nd Street, New York, NY 10024

                              West Branch
                              2178 Broadway, New York, NY 10024