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Sep 8, 2009 12:31 PM

barcelona - 7 specific places

Dear all

Following on from my last hotel in Barca has recommended 7 places for dinner, as follows

1. Mam I Teca
2. Dos Pasillos ( in the hotel ! )
3. Casa Leopoldo
4. Pla
5. Cometacnic
6. Santa Maria
7. Cuines Santa Caterina

I have also been seriously considering

Bar Inopia
Semproniana or Petra
and a new place ( ? ) called Gong

any specific feedback on these places ?

Finally if you had to choose between Tapac and Commerc 24 which would it be - and have I left it too late to book.?

Thanks again for any feedback you can give.

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  1. Man I Teca (been to numerous times), Casa Leopoldo (once few year ago) serve traditional Catalan food; both good with Casa Leopoldo being somewhat expensive. The rest of your numbers 1-7, ME, Semproniana/Petra and Gong all serve some form of fusion/eclectic cooking if that is what you are looking for. I've been to Dos Palillos, Pla, Cometacinc and Santa Maria. They are all good but I am not a big fan of this type of food. Onofre and Bar Inopia are both good traditional tapas places. Though Tapac24 and Comerc24 have the same owner, they are very different. Comerc24 is more for a full meal of modern creative tapas in a designer space. Tapac24's food is simple and more traditional with a few modern touches. The decor is fairly basic with lots of counter seating (a small terrace which is nice) and I believe no reservation. Open for breakfast (great tortillas) also. One can probably eat for about a third of Comerc24 (spell with only one 'm'). Too late to book would depend on when you plan to dine.

    1. You can probably get in at Comerc 24 at lunch, on short notice, we did, would highly recommend it btw