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Sep 8, 2009 12:27 PM

Delicious Mexican Food

I moved here from CA and am desperate for good Mexican food. Authentic street food - not bland enchiladas etc.... Any ideas? I am looking for places in DC - Montg County Maryland. If you have any in Chevy Chase/Rockville/Bethesda, would be much appreciated.

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  1. if you get over to Annapolis, look up Juquilita's on Hillsmere Rd, off Bay Ridge ave. It doesn't get any authentic. Puebla family basically a take out place. Inexpensive good food. (Cash only place)

    1. Speaking as an LA boy who made it his business to stop at holei n the wall Mexican joints all the time (as well as Thai and Vietnamese):

      Tacqueria La Placita on Edmonston in Hyatsville/Bladensberg for tacos and nothing but tacos- the costillas are insanely good and rich. The chorizo is rich, very rich (all right, greasy as hell, which is how they shold be) with a nice bit of a burn. Lunch with a soda is about $6 or 7. One time I tried to eat three tacos and felt sleepy the rest of the day!

      La Fondita for tacos (not as good but still good) and extremely good soups. The torta cubano is a gut bomb of fried crappy meat. I wantt o try the carne azada or the enchiladas but haven't yet.

      Many like Tacos El Caminete in Clarendon (I think that's the name) but I have yet to go.

      La Sirenita also on Edmonston for seafood and good basics.

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        If you get up to Frederick, check out Taco Michoacan for some righteous lengua and barbacoa tacos. Also, the Washingtonian Chevron in Gaithersburg has a good little taco place next door with excellent posole.

      2. Deangold is on the money here. I have been to all those places. La Sirenita has an ok pozole, but the lamb soup at La Fondita is amazingly good. The main thing I wanted to add was that if you are in Baltimore don't miss:

        El Taquito. Great pozole. Good tacos. Good green mole. Good mole poblano. I have driven from Ballston to Baltimore just for the pozole. Yes. I have.

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        1. re: sekelmaan

          Where is La Fondita? I have no clue.

          1. re: Steve

            On Decatur. Take a right on Decatur from southbound Kenilworth just a little past Edmonston. It is in a house on the lft, tiny with 7 formica tables.

            1. re: deangold

              Sounds like an incarnation of Speedy's in Arlington from back in the day. Do they barbecue goat in the back yard on weekends at La Fondita?

        2. As a native Angelino who has lived here, I can assure you that you will be eating less Mexican food. Many places are run by Salvadorans. Places run by Mexicans are generally run by people from different parts of Mexico than what you are used to in Los Angeles. I would love it if someone could find me some Machaca. On the other hand, it is a better situation than in the past. The Bladensburg/Riverdale area has a variety of good places. I particularly like Taquerie Tres Reyes II. El Charrito Caminante in Arlington is good. There are a variety of other places. But what about wet burritos? Why do burritos here have to be wrapped up in foil? Where is the potato in my burrito? Where are the fried tacos the older style LA Mexican places make? Also, you should learn to love the Pupusa. If you try not to find an equivalent to your favorite LA places, you will be happier.

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          1. re: ChewFun

            There are LA style fried tacos at Taqueria Poblano (all Virginia locations). I don't know if someone from LA finds them good comparatively, but they are fresh and I really like them.

            1. re: ktmoomau

              They are good, and perhaps healthier than the ones from LA, but they don't really taste like the ones from LA. Actually, I like Taqueria Poblano, but it doesn't taste like any LA Mexican food I've ever had.

            2. re: ChewFun

              You are so right, ChewFun. I love the food in DC but I gave up years ago trying to replicate the LA/mexican food experience. But whenever I go back to LA, everyone knows my first stop is going to be the mexican joint on the corner for a carnitas super burrito.

              1. re: tcamp

                Absolutely! Make mine a wet machaca burrito and a tamarindo, plus some of those spicy, pickled carrots. Of course, I have to wait for a home visit. Until then, I will get tacos at Charrito Caminante or huaraches at Tres Reyes. Oh, and if a place has buche', rabbit, goat, tongue, or liver on the menu, the place will probably be pretty good.

                1. re: ChewFun

                  We like El-Agave Mexican restaurant in Warrenton, VA (there are other locations also). It is about 45 to 60 minutes from I-66W. Great food and service. We live in Loudoun County and travel to El-Agave at least 8 to 12 times a month to eat. With 6 kids and 2 adults, the prices are reasonable for lunch and dinner.

                  Web site is below--

         ( El-Agave's site/info.)

                  1. re: menmom1

                    I would second the trip to Baltimore for the real good Mexican food. I used to live in the SF Bay Area and I am in love with Tortilleria Sinaloa's tamales (the chile is awesome) and their lengua tacos are to die for--check it out!
                    Tortilleria Sinaloa
                    1716 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD
                    (410) 276-3741‎

            3. The Blue Agave in Baltimore is fantastic. My boyfriend and I have spent almost every birthday and anniversary there for the past 7 years. Highly recomend it