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Sip City in Great Neck - any idea what this will be?

Does anyone have any info on what Sip City is. There has been a sign up on the spot on the corner of Middle Neck Rd. and Cutter Mill Rd. advertising that the new place will be called Sip City (the sign says "Meet me at Sip City"). Could this perhaps be a brewpub (wishful thinking) or a wine bar? At least its not a salon or nail place.

Thanks in advance for any info.


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  1. funny, i was hoping for an ol' fashioned ice cream parlor.

    1. This corner was an institution in Great Neck, it housed a pub called "Mushroom's" a lot of meeting, greeting and good eating went on there. I worked there on and off for 15 years. Lots of good memories. For some reason nothing else lasted in this location. I don't think the village would allow a bar to open if the liquor license expired (which it probably did) so we think it could be a coffee house. No one really knows yet. It has been totally gutted and now is sealed up tight. Only time will tell, but many of the old patrons are extremely curious. whatever opens up there I wish them well, and I will be sure to stop in at least once!
      Joani, Great Neck

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        hi joani, didnt mushrooms have an issue years ago, with board of health, issues? next to it was the iconic La Tosca pizza

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          "Mushrooms" had a hepetitis incident which is not the reason it closed as it survived quite a few years afterwords. Had plenty of good times at Mushrooms.

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          HI Joani!!! Did you work there when Parkus and John worked there, early '80's?

        3. I have heard, although this is entirely unconfirmed, that it is to be a kosher bar.

          1. It looks like this is going to be a bar folks. If you go into the columbian restaurant on middle neck rd, across from the plaza, you will see an animatedish map of great neck on the tables, and where it says Sip City, it show a Martini glass. I must assume that it is a bar. I also peeked in there and saw a bar near the entrance.

            1. I worked for the architecture firm that worked on this project in the design phase, and as a consultant for a different architect regarding the construction admin of the project. It is indeed going to be a bar that was upgraded from the pre-existing bar. Not sure if it will be kosher but one of the owners is Jewish.

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                I noticed they took the signs down the had covering the windows...anyone know if Sip City will not be completed?

              2. hello to all, my name is erik and im one of the chefs at sip city....the conecpt is a world focus on tapas. 6 dishes, 6 countries great food.

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                      SipCity - Bar & International Small Plates Cafe.
                      American, Middle Eastern, European, Asian Fusion, South American/Latin, African
                      Priced from $8-$15.
                      Extensive Bar offering Wines & Spirits, Organic Wines by the Glass & Bottle.
                      Martini's & Speciality Blended Frozen Drinks made with Fresh Squeezed Fruit Juices that are "Juiced" right at the bar.
                      Open for Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch (Prix Fix ) and Late Night till 2am.
                      OPENING ; SPRING 2010

                  1. Ok, so it's beens stated there will be alcohol with the possibility of food (maybe kosher).
                    My question is when the heck is it opening? It's now Summer 2010, they could be making good money during the summer...
                    I find it quite odd that there is no "bar" in great neck. Everywhere should have a "bar."..LoL

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                      Walked by Sip City this weekend-- the doors were open so we took a little peak inside. Looks like a full bar and a number of beers on tap, and some good beers at that! I, for one, am excited about having a real bar here in Great Neck--it's about time we had a place that sells beer on tap! Didn't see the menu, but the side area has a small lounge area with tables. The buzz was that it is opening this coming week (Tuesday!).

                    2. The owner of Sip City is the same owner as CJs (Bob) on great neck road. Its probably going to be the same type of crowd at nights. I passed it yesterday and it looks like its gonna be open very soon.

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                        It has been open for a week. I was there Thursday but thought I should go more then once before posting. Check Newsday for a short report by Erica Marcus. Pretty mixed crowd by age I hope the food will be good.

                      2. Turns out this is a dive with loud music, bad food and LOUSY service. Don't go, I won't again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Gave them three chances, first was good, second was okay and third was AWFUL!

                        1. Any change from original conception?