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Sep 8, 2009 11:46 AM


Anyone brave enough, and fought the opening day mayhem and Oprah traffic to Xoco today? Tell us your stories. Thinking of stopping by for churros and ciocolate for breakfast tomorrow morning.

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  1. Yes! We went to Xoco yesterday and made it around 5.30pm just before larger crowds showed up for dinner time. The place is small, so seating is limited, especially if you prefer a table. There's more high top seating and there were a lot of people eating solo there.
    Rick was also there working away in the kitchen so fun to see him. We each had a sandwich from the wood burning oven- I had the Gunthrop chicken and my husband had the Conchinita Pibil and then we split a bowl of the Seafood Caldos- which was amazing! We also had some churros for dessert- fantastic. Definitely recommend you stop by although for those going at peak hours- as it filled up, they had to stop taking orders as the kitchen was getting backed up and there were no open seats, but I think as they get through the first couple days, that should improve.
    Did you end up stopping by for breakfast today?

    1. I was there for breakfast yesterday a.m. A first day's performance isn't wise to judge - it'll take a while for the restaurant to find it's "legs." i will say that, judging by my meal, there's a lot of work to be done on preparation, quality and delivery. My relatively small breakfast cost approx. $15 - pricy for what's served and, yesterday, not worth it. No doubt the restaurant will be a success, but let's hope it's successful because it offers good food and not only because it's owned by Bayless. And, yes, the "groupies" were out in force, but didn't overwhelm the place.

      1. stopped by on Wednesday, day 2, at 10am for a midmorning snack. Little to no line, although it did take about 10-15 minutes to get my empanada. Empanada was good if not piping hot. Churro was nicely crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with a nice coating of sugar and what seemed like chocolate bits. Hot chocolate was the highlight, and at $2, a bargain.

        I'd say it's a step up from Frontera Fresca in Macy's food court in terms of boldness of ingredients, with essentially the same service/setup

        Service is definitely a work in progress, but it is a nice place.

        1. I finally made it to breakfast this morning. Took a detour on my way to work, and had to drag DH out of bed. There was a flurry of activity when we got there, but overall the vibe was nice and relaxed. It was 7:30 in the morning! The wine guy at Bin 36 was there having breakfast, and we had a nice chat about the dining scene in the neighborhood.

          I got the Savory Bread Pudding (been having a craving since hearing about it at Nightwood, and then it wasn’t on the menu when we made it there). DH had the Empanada. We shared the 3-piece plate of Churros. I also had the Aztec chocolate (chile+allspice), he had the Ultra (whole milk). The Pudding was dense and eggy and has a very nicely crisped top. My mother-in-law makes very good egg strata (she’s an excellent cook in general), and DH declared Xoco’s as good as his mother’s. The Empanada was good and flaky, but reminds me too much of the breakfast bao at Wow Bao. I mean, was this conceived solely to have scrambled eggs in a traditional ethnic food package? The Churros are crispy, light and airy; unlike the mainly fried dough varieties other places have. My only quip is the heavy hand on the sprinkled cinnamon/chocolate sugar. Perhaps that can be requested on the side.

          So food-wise, for breakfast, everything was good. The knockouts are the chocolates. If Xoco was any closer to home or work, I might seriously think of skipping the daily cup of Intelligentsia and have the chocolate instead. The liquid was grainy and thick, which I prefer much more than the smooth Godiva kind. The Ultra was very rich and creamy. The Aztec would be perfect for a brisk cold morning. You taste the spices very subtly on the finish. At one point I even thought I was maybe drinking mole sauce.

          The space seems a little bit awkward. When it was the furniture store, somehow it didn’t seem as narrow as it is now. The seating area is the most awkward, and putting the utility space in the middle of the room was just not the smartest choice. There are still a few opening issues to work out. Everything is listed on chalkboards, and some prices listed are not the same when rang up at the register. Luckily, it was cheaper. They are still not offering carry-out for lunch and dinner. The seating is not the most desirable, having mostly bar counters, and only 2 short banquettes (one on the side and one at the back wall).

          Overall, Xoco is a good place for breakfast if you are in proximity. The chocolates are a revelation and worth the trip. Now on to lunch or dinner one of these days.