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Sep 8, 2009 11:37 AM

Cape Ann MA ~ best non-clam restaurants

My wife and I will be in Cape Ann next week, and are looking forward to some great eating.
Would appreciate your lists of the 5 best restaurants - regardless of price, atmosphere, and type of cuisne. No need to list fried-clam places ~ we know them all and will dine at them frequently.

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  1. Here are some suggestions for you. Just south of Cape Ann in Beverly Farms is Cygnet, and they do a good job (full review on my blog). Cala's in Manchester got a rave review last month from Northshore Magazine. It's at the top of my list to try. I haven't been to Duckworth's Bistro in Gloucester, but it consistently gets good marks. It's been a while since I've been to Franklin Cafe in Gloucester, but it was terrific, and I continue to hear good things about it. A new restaurant that looks interesting in Gloucester in Latitude 43. Last but not least, if you feel like venturing over to Ipswich, I highly recommend Ithaki, which serves high end Greek food (review on blog). And if you get sick of clams, try Smokin' Jim's BBQ on East Main Street just before the turn off to Rocky Neck.

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      Duckworth's Bistro
      Franklin Cafe
      Lobster Land
      Flav's Red Skiff

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        We very much enjoy Duckworth and Franklin for dinner and ate at both within the last 10 days. Passports we like for lunch ( and the popovers are excellent). Never had a good experience at Latitude 43...ever and we have tried. Friends recently enjoyed Alchemy and I understand the new chef to be ex- Excelsior ...

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          I've tried Latitude 43 and it was EXPENSIVE.

        2. Well, we've returned from our vacation and can report as follows:
          - Duckworth's - good but not great. Disappointing after all the hype
          - Franklin - very good; better than Duckworth's
          - Clam Box (Ipswitch) - better than ever. Best fried seafood in the universe.
          - Woodman's (Essex) - not as good as previous years.
          - Farnham's (Essex) - very good, and great view from picnic tables
          - Causeway (Gloucester) - a madhouse, but very good seafood chowder

          1. I love Lobsterland.....not just lobster, anymore. Some great fare! If you haven't been there lately, I'd suggest giving it a try.
            Latitude43 is over-rated/overpriced in my opinion. I like Cala's in Manchester, but small portions for bigger prices. Same for Duckworth's but great fare.
            We love Sugar Magnolia's on Main St. Gloucester. Fantastic breakfasts!
            Zabalione's in Ipswich is excellent! Eddie's in Bruni's Marketplace (rte.133) is great, too. But, don't miss the pizza @ Riverview in Ipswich. Worth the wait!!
            There are more but my mind is drooling.......


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                No love for Jalapenos? Good mexican, allright, good for Massachusetts.