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Sep 8, 2009 11:31 AM

Dinner recommendations for single woman traveller

I'm a single woman who will be in Montreal for 4 days at the end of the month and am looking for some dinner recs. I don't mind spending $ for a great meal and have no issues sitting by myself at a table or at the bar to eat (I've done it in many countries). I've had experiences before however when making a reservation for one didn't go so well so I'm looking for some single friendly places to have a few great meals. Aside from a shellfish allergy I'm open to anything and would love to find a place or two that uses local, seasonal ingredients. I'm looking more for great food than trendy ambience and I love going to the places where locals, not tourists go. I'm staying at the Loew's Hotel Vogue but being a NYer I'm used to travelling by subway so I don't think location will be a big problem.

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  1. Europea. I have eaten there alone many times, with no problem, and the food is excellent. It is also about a 2-minute walk from your hotel, on the same street.

    Ferriera Cafe, a few blocks away, is also excellent. They specialize in seafood, so I don't know how that goes with your allergies. Grest sardines, simply grilled, etc.

    1. Au pied de cochon is always a good bet, as they are very welcoming to single diners. For lunch in the last half of the work week or brunch on the weekends, try The Sparrow. Mas Cuisine is good also.

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        At PDC they WILL put you at the bar as you will be alone. It's a great place to sit, as you get to talk to the chefs, and sometimes sample stuff as well.

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          A word of advice - if you go there make sure you are hungry as the portions are large.

      2. Most restaurants in Montreal are pretty welcoming to single diners. Not too far from your hotel are La Montee and Newtown (the upstairs dining room at Newtown apparently has a much nicer menu than the street level one, although I haven't been yet). You can't go wrong with Au Pied de Cochon, as others in this thread mentioned. There's a thread about restaurant recommendations that Carswell posted recently, which you should check out:

        1. Le Continental on St-Denis is a nice place to have dinner at the bar. It has a U shape and is always filled with locals...mostly men;)

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            Ferriera Cafe is quite central for you and has other choices besides fish, my daughter ordered chicken and said it was good and she really liked the variety of mixed vegetables. I think in any of these excellent restaurants you will be welcomed and feel comfortable. The only complaint I have ever had is that at some restaurants the table shown to me to is not a good one, but they were open to me suggesting another one so I think one has to be choosy about that if the table is crammed into corridor etc. I ate alone at a busy french bisto last week (leveque) and felt I was very valued client so plan to be a repeat visitor-I enjoyed the food, ambience but the level of comfort was just as important.
            I hope you will give us feedback on your Montreal experience.

          2. I have dined alone many times at Café du Théâtre du Nouveau Monde before attending concerts at Place des Arts. The food, ambience and service are very good.