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Sep 8, 2009 11:02 AM

Spoon River Drive - Fulton County, IL -where to eat?

We are driving up to the Spoon River Fall Drive southwest of Peoria and were wondering where to eat? We like little Mom and Pop places if the food is good, but are open to anything. Any food vendors for the "drive" we shouldn't miss?

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  1. We have been eating our way through this drive for years now. While we have still not scratched the surface, but we have found a number of "can't misses".
    The park in Farmington has a church/civic group that makes homemade apple dumplings/turnovers...out of this world! Whole apples wrapped in pie dough and drizzeled in a cinnamon carmel sauce. I have dined from New Orleans to Chicago to Seattle...this would be my desert pick for my last meal!
    London Mills has a comunity building that serves (again homemade) onion strings/rings. Kind of a corn meal catfish type batter that has been bringing me back since my youth. There is also another community group there that sells whole pies...the little old ladies that bake them are the same ladies that sell them. Take one home! Last year, peach, year before cherry, year before that berry of some sort; all great, but will be looking for another berry one this year. They go fast.
    I have had GREAT pork chop sandwhiches atop mt. pisgah (H.M. by church/boy scout group/something like), but have had some just O.K. ones. The indian village makes the drive up, worth going, ;give it a try.
    Bernadotte has wonderful (of course home made) icecream so rich it looks yellow from the butter fat. Mmmmmm. Let me know what you find, hope this helps, sorry for the sp mistakes.

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      Thank you for posting. I am printing this out.