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Sep 8, 2009 10:29 AM

Bakewell's/ Spring Garden Place Mall.

This place has some of the best baked goods I have ever tried. The real standouts are the pies, which taste just like grandma used to make, to brownies made of real belgian chocolate, and the muffins, which I have not had better anywhere. I'm sure you cannot go wrong with anything on the menu. Like I said alot of it is gourmet, but they also have a lot of old fashioned standards as well. Would recommend this place highly to anyone.

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  1. This place is/was (?) part of Bonne Cuisine, right? They used to make a nice pecan pie, but I haven't seen it there lately. They have a good steak-and-kidney pie, which I pick up when I have a craving. Of course, it doesn't live up to my nan's, but it does the trick.