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Sep 8, 2009 10:24 AM

First date spot in TO

I'm new to the city and looking for a good resto for a first date on Thursday night. Any suggestions?

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  1. I friend of mine told me once that he took a girl to Utopia Cafe on College. He ended up having a double burger (1lb) and she never called him back.

    sometime advice on what not to do is just as good as what to do.

    Moreover, its often good to have a back up plan in case you change your mind on the first date.

    haha yes, I am suggesting getting a double burger if you don't want the date to go well.

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    1. re: Jamie Eats Burgers

      Haha, my wife and I had our first real "date" at Utopia (her suggestion). And based on the fact that we're now married, I guess it was a success! We both happen to like casual, low-key places... it all depends on what you and your date like, everyone is different.

      1. re: Gary

        haha Good job Gary.

        I am not specifically suggesting that Utopia is a bad spot... I think it was more the double burger that turned the date off in that scenario.

        I say good riddance!

    2. How abot sharing some spanish style tapas at Torito? They are in the market. If you google the name you'll see some of the hounds really enjoy the food and fun casual nature of the space.


      276 Augusta Ave
      Toronto, ON M5T
      (647) 436-5874

      1. Little Italy is a good bet. Utopia and Kalendar are 2 of the most popular dinner-date spots. Utopia has way better cuisine, but Kalendar is VERY popular with women.

        1. Any thoughts on Nyood or Sidecar?

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          1. re: verytasty

            Like them both... Sidecar is more casual, Nyood a bit on the glam side (in a fun way). Nyood is pricier. Both have good food and good bartending. Nyood is a small plate menu so you have to be comfortable doing doing the shared-food thing (which I personally think is a great icebreaker, but it depends on the person).

            Utopia and Kalendar are very casual, perhaps best suited to students or early-ish twentysomethings.

            Second Torito... great food, good sangria, fun and intimate but a bit sexy, not trying too hard (although you have the small plate caveat once again).

          2. Try Dimmi's in Yorkville, its great Italian food with a lot of people watching.