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Sep 8, 2009 10:11 AM

(MSP) Best Nachos

Hello Fellow MSP Chowhounders,

My birthday is in a little over a week and this year's desired meal is, you guessed it, NACHOS.

I love nachos. I love them something fierce. However my aging body and slowing metabolism do not lend themselves well to much nacho eating these days. Which is why I'm saving myself for a birthday treat to remember.

So where ARE the best nachos in the Twin Cities? I've searched these boards and found a few tidbits here and there but thought I'd resurface the topic to get some more up-to-date feedback.

I have a few stipulations when it comes to THESE nachos in particular:

I'm looking for classic nachos. Meat. Shredded cheese (but GOOD melty shredded cheese). Toppings such as beans, olives, jalapenos, guac, sour cream and salsa. Good, crispy chips. And a MOUND of nachos. None of this small plate bidness. However, I'm still interested to hear about all nachos in general, for the sake of discussion. For example, Bulldog NE has some killer brisket/queso fresco nachos. Mmm.

These nachos need not appear on the menu of a Mexican restaurant either. If they're good nachos, I'm there.

Help make this a birthday to remember! Give me nachos or give me death!

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  1. Happy birthday! I know you said you'd searched around a bit, but I thought I'd link this thread from last year to get you started, in case you missed it and it's still helpful.


    1. Gabes Roadhouse (used to be Gabes on the Park) at the corner of Lexington Parkway/Front Avenue. My girlfriend is addicted to nachos and while Gabe's is nothing special-we have mowed the nachos plenty of afternoons. For $8.95 of $9.95 - (the ones we've gotten were chicken but I do think they have beef) and we're talking MOUNDS of chips - like ridiculous. Lots of cheese-with pretty decent ratio of chips to shredded cheese - jalapenos, mediocre salsa, sour cream, guac, black olives, tomatos, onions....