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Sep 8, 2009 10:05 AM

Making seasoning for Mexican dish

Many years ago my mom used a molcajete to grind her own spices. I remember her using comino, black pepper, garlic and chile which she grind with the molcajete. I don't remember any other spices she used and would be grateful if someone would let me know what other spices she might have used. After grinding the spices she would add the mixture to her chicken and rice. I can still remember the scent of the spices.

I purchased a molcajete so that I may attempt to recapture the scent and the memories I once had as a child. Thanks.

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  1. Mexican Oregano is another common additive to Latin spice blends. If the spice was red it could have been dried chiles or ground annato. Epazote is another, less common to gringos herb used in Latin blends.