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Sep 8, 2009 10:05 AM

looking for stone or restaurants

I'm on the search for stone crabs in Northeast Florida.Along the coast from Jacksonville to about Daytona Beach.Eventually on my way to the airport in Orlando and I sure would like to fit in a feed (or two) of crab.Any recommendations for a seafood shack or local seafood market along that stretch of highway would be greatly appreciated.I'm willing to go way out of the way for the killer spot.Thanks hounds.

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  1. Keep in mind that stone crab is out of season right now and won't be back in until October 15th. Any stone crab you see on a menu at this point has probably been frozen unless they flew it in from outside the states.

    1. You can't beat Spring Creek, in Crawfordville. Note, the stone crab season doesn't start until Oct. 15.

      1. Thanks on the season opening heads up.No prob on this end as I'll get doen to Florida around the 20th.So far I've found out about Hull's Market in Ormond Beach.Our Deck Down Under in Port Orange.And Deland Fish House in Deland.Any others?Thanks

        1. There is Wild Ocean Seafood Market at Port Canaveral and Titusville. If you go the Port Canaveral location you can see the boats dock (the shrimp boats come in every so often so you have to call to see when they are coming in) but the Titusville one has way more selection. I know they carry only Wild, East Coast Shrimp (not from the gulf), delicious Rock Shrimp and stone crab, local fish, local clams, oysters, etc. They will also steam shellfish for you if you like. Dixie Crossroads in also six blocks from them and they are known for their Rock Shrimp.
          There is also Safe Harbor in Jacksonville (mayport) which is a fish market with a casual dininig section on the side. Safe Harbor is one of the biggest shrimp buyers on the East Coast. Their food is pretty good and reasonably priced. They have a great selection of fish but make sure if you ask for shrimp that it is local because they do carry imported.