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Sep 8, 2009 09:48 AM


My fiance made reservations there...can't seem to find any recent posts about it(other than about snootiness).
Lesley Chesterman last reviewed it in 05.

Please tell me about it so I can be prepared.....


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  1. Classic bistro style cuisine; "french style" speedy service, good wine list, ask for the 2nd list if you want more choices.

    The steak frite is good, the bone marrow is good, the tartare is good, the "rognons" are not so good (IMO)... look for the daily specials.

    It's not a place to linger with a coffee, unless you go there at 4 in the afternoon.

    IMO, it's just ok, not fantastic, not great, not bad, serviceable at any time.

    1. Get something with frites. I think L'Express makes some of the better fries in town. I've eaten there 3 or 4 times and nothing else really stands out in my memory. With just some fries, cornichons and bread you're off to a decent start anyway :)

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      1. re: afoodyear

        Second the recommendation about the fries. They are really great! Definitely make sure you get some of the cornichon if you are a pickle fan, lovely little things....

        I also like the bone marrow.

        I still like L'express. It is not exciting or daring, but it is a classic. They execute the dishes well, and I like the ambiance. It is a very French experience.

        1. re: moh

          I'm a big pickle fan...I could easily eat a vat all by myself.
          Any suggestions on desserts? We are going to Dieu du Ciel that evening so we might go somewhere in between those two places..

          1. re: Tiny Pineapple

            Skip dessert and save room for beer! Or go to Juliet et Chocolate on St. Denis. Also, there are some good brewpubs close by (like Saint Bock, also on St. Denis, with 21 local beers on tap and hundreds of bottles to choose from) if you want to combine beer and dessert.

            Current Saint Bock beer menu:


            I recomend numbers: 1, 5, 13, 17, and 19

            You can sample as many as you wish for something like 1.55 per small glass.

            1. re: The Chemist

              Hrmm.. is the Juliette and Chocolat on Laurier or St Denis closer to L'Express? Tough call!

            2. re: Tiny Pineapple

              Are you coming to Dieu du Ciel for the 11th anniversary party?

              1. re: Simon Patrice

                Yes we are!
                We come to Montreal about once a year on a beer adventure, we always return with anywhere from 50 - 100 bottles, I love the smoked beer at Dieu Du Ciel, were super beer nerds.
                Oh yeah and were also eloping on the Saturday, hoping to get some cupcakes from Cocoa Locale, last year we bought a wee cake from her and it was amazing!! I'm also hoping to get brunch at The Sparrow and maybe a dinner at La Montee and a trip to Jean Talon and a sandwich from Santropol. Some people bring back snowglobes from their trips, we bring back food.

                1. re: Tiny Pineapple

                  I might see you then. I should be there at the opening. The Brouhaha (5860 de Lorimier) could be an interesting place to drop by too. They sell very interesting beers from other brewpubs, they also brew their own beers and do private imports (all the trappists except Westy) and other interesting stuff.

                  Full disclosure: I know the owner of Brouhaha.

                  1. re: Simon Patrice

                    I'll be the bridey looking one!
                    Do you happen to know if Brouhaha still has Randall The Enamel Animal? Were Dying to try it.

                    1. re: Tiny Pineapple

                      I don't but if you remind me, I could ask for what's in service that week and if they still have the Randall.

                      1. re: Simon Patrice

                        I just had the confirmation that he does still have the Randall.

                        1. re: Simon Patrice

                          Thanks so much! I'm eager to try it and decide if it is just a gimmick or if it does add something.

                          1. re: Tiny Pineapple

                            Right now, he's using it to infuse some fresh mint in a rasberry stout. I don't know if he'll be infusing actual hop next week.

              2. re: moh

                We came from Toronto and tried L'Express last week w/ my 2 young kids (5pm, place was empty), love the jar of pickles they give out. The tartar was ok, good portions. They give you 4 large piece of marrow, and I'd suggest you share it w/ another person since it gets pretty heavy in the stomach after a few bites (served w/ some thin breads soaked in butter/oil?). Also had some small mushrooms in gravy like sauce which was nice, and a eggplant dish in similar gravy sauce as well (not as good). I missed out on the fries though.