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Sep 8, 2009 09:26 AM

Bergen County Knife Sharpening Service?

My knives are well beyond the steel-sharpening stage. Need professional help. Anyone know of a good (skilled) place to take them in Bergen County, NJ? Or are there any services that come to your home anymore?

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  1. chef central on rt.17 does it for 2 bucks a knife

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    1. re: sixelagogo

      And I just got an email from them this week saying they're doing it for FREE one of these days (maybe even tomorrow)...

      1. re: Curlz

        I was going to mention Chefs Central, but I think in this case you get what you pay for.

        I'd like to find a really, old-timey knifer sharpener, for the real deal.

        1. re: tommy

          chefs central does a very mediocre job and forget it if you have global knives. they charge $12 for those and they don't put a great edge on them. i use to go to westphal's in nyc and i know their guy is in nj now. union city i believe. i will try to get the address. all work by hand on an old huge stone. great work.

          1. re: dock

            great to know! Love to hear about the Ny-Nj knifesharpening transplant

          2. re: tommy

            I've had Chef's Central do my knives. Mediocre. Brought them there again this weekend b/c I was desperate, still don't think it's that great. They also put scratches/dings on the knife closest to the handle.

            1. re: Snorkelvik

              So, I went to Chef's Central on Rt. 17. They charged $5 per knife and gave me a choice on the Global knife of a $5 or $12 process. Since I didn't know the difference, i went for the $5. The knives are all nice and sharp now. How do I know if they did a lousy job?

              Send info on guy in Union City and I will try next time.


              1. re: FeelingALittleBreadish

                so the knife sharpening man is in union city but his hours are sporadic and you can't really drop off knives there. sorry. he does work for cutlery places and i will drop off my knives in the city at westphal's at 115 w 26 st., 212 563 5990. maybe if you call they will let you know if there is a place in nj that you can drop off your knives. i know people also send their knives to them for sharpening. i wish it was easier but he really is a throwback and does a great job.

                  1. re: FeelingALittleBreadish

                    Try NJ Grinding in Belleville, NJ. I've used them for all my restaurant reqs and they will do your personal knives. Don't know how they would handle 'independents' but I give them my personal knives now and then with the weekly rotation.

        2. you should consider getting a website, for those who haven't been wandering around bergen county for the past 70 years, and can't find your business through normal means.

        3. Everyone should own a diamond knife sharpener. Search for DMT Diafold Magna-Guide Sharpening System on Amazon or Google. Make sure to get the DMT FWCX Double Sided Diafold Sharpener Coarse / Extra-Coarse as well. Makes sharpening knives very easy. I get a better edge than sending out my knives. It's money well spent.

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          1. re: ubuwalker31

            agree-saves a lot of money in the long run and it always does a stellar job

          2. I would also recommend getting your own. I have the Model 120 which also sharpens serrated knives. This is great as I sharpen all of my knives twice a year.


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            1. re: Randol

              And if anyone is hesitant about self sharpening there is a fantastic sharpening buisness set up around princeton called Nice and Sharp. He offers a very complete sharpening class and runs a great service! Highly recommended!

              1. re: enzen

                I second this service as well. I send all of my knives to him! It helps he's right around the corner from work.

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