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Sep 8, 2009 08:46 AM

Allentown/Bethleham area suggestions. Please help>

Meeting Family in the allentown and bethleham area for the Thanksgiving holiday(wednesday through Saturday). Would like any suggestions on where to eat. Does anyone know what places would be open Thanksgiving day? Thanks.

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  1. Can you narrow down your preferences a little more, especially tell us whether you're looking for cheap/casual or fine dining?

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    1. re: lvsnyder

      Family friendly is good, we have a 2 year old. We don't mind paying for good food, but ultra fine dining would be out. Would prefer local establishments.

      National chains are not probably welcomed suggestions. We never eat at a chain when traveling if we could eat at that chain at home. It all part of the traveling to enjoy the local places.


      1. re: ML PAVACT

        There are other discussions on this board about Allentown/Bethlehem/Lehigh Valley restaurants, so if you'll search you'll find more suggestions, but here are mine. (I don't know who's open on Thanksgiving, you'd have to call.)

        Blue Sky Cafe -- funky eclectic atmosphere and food, we've been there with our toddler with no problems
        Billy's Downtown Diner -- atmosphere is a little better than typical greasy spoon, food significantly better, open breakfast and lunch only, I think
        Thai Thai II -- good Thai food, might be a little iffy with a 2-year-old, but they do takeout
        General Zapata's -- new Mexican/Caribbean place in southside Bethlehem, quite small, don't know whether they have a high chair, food is very good
        Bethlehem Brew Works -- brewpub, good beer and above-average bar food, lots of seating, we were there with our toddler tonight and it worked out great
        Olive Branch -- very good middle-eastern in southside Bethlehem, probably kid-friendly

        Spice India (Whitehall) -- good Indian food, they've told me they like kids there but we've never brought ours (again, we've only gotten takeout)
        Damascus (Allentown) -- more good middle-eastern, probably kid-friendly
        Grumpy's BBQ -- decent BBQ and cajun/creole on Mauch Chunk Rd north of Allentown, couldn't say if it's kid friendly -- you'd probably have to decide for yourself

        Finally, if your family will babysit one night and you want to go out for a splurge meal, I cannot recommend Bolete ( highly enough. It's an excellent farm-to-table restaurant that buys locally and organically and serves delicious but not overly fussy food. The specialty cocktails are also amazing. Expect to pay $150-200 for 2 people with drinks, appetizers, and desserts. (I know you said ultra-fine dining is out but I can't help myself.)

        1. re: ML PAVACT

          For Thanksgiving Day itself, you might consider the Hotel Bethlehem. They have a fine dining restaurant that I have never tried, but the lobby restaurant serves good food in a more relaxing atmosphere. There have been some excellent suggestions but, if your family is like mine, Thai, Indian, middle Eastern, Mexican, brew pub grub, bbq, etc., are not what they are looking for on T'Day. Enjoy those other places the rest of your time in the Allentown Behtlehem area.