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Sep 8, 2009 08:28 AM

Harvest Supper

Had dinner at Harvest Supper on Friday and i'm happy to report it was fantastic. My wife and i started with a very nice cheese plate and then we both had an asparagus app with egg and truffle that was off the charts. Heavy, yes, but i was not going there to diet. For my main i had pan seared skate served with a puree of celery root. excellent. My wife chose to have two more apps for her dinner: seared foie gras with mini blueberry panckages. so rich, so yummy. and finally a stuffed roasted quail. excellent.

one of the better meals i have had in a long time. alas, we had no room for dessert but it was well worth it. the changes they have made in the kitchen show and I will certainly be back.

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed. I had the skate dish a few weeks ago and it was delicious. And as far as I'm concerned, anything with an egg on top is great!

    1. Sounds right on par with our experience there a couple of weeks ago...we had the foie gras app, veal entree, and clam & codfish entree, made sure we shoehorned in some bread pudding for desset. Everything was great, including the service and ambience. Best restaurant in New Canaan by far.

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      1. re: CTburgerlover

        SHOEHORNED! I actually just laughed out loud at that. Im going to Harvest Supper this coming Wednesday and am looking forward to it even more after reading these fabulous reviews!

      2. I just went to Chowhound Saturday and, while the food was superb, the restaurant was so loud that we couldn't even hear our friends. The food was great, but rather that enjoying the meal, we were rushing through it just so that we could hear ourselves.

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          Yup, sadly it can be uncomfortably loud. We try not to go on saturday nights, but lately it's been busy on every night since the food is so good. A little acoustic treatment on the ceiling would go a long way...

          1. re: DoraSalm

            i have to be honest, it 's not the quietest place, but it certainly not uncomfortable loud. you can go to several places in NYC that are significantly louder. either way, glad you enjoyed the food.

            1. re: wincountrygirl

              Downtown New Canaan at 15 Elm Street.

              1. re: jfood

                There are some really good restaurants that I just can't dine in because how the restaurant is set up. Really crowded or really noisy my wife won't go no matter what. Bistro Bonnie Nuit and Harvest Supper unfortunately come to mind.

                1. re: stevel

                  it's funny what different people perceive as loud. i would never think that the noise level at bonne nuit is high and i've gone there a million times at different point of the week.
                  the schoolhouse?

                  1. re: LW1

                    Never been to BBN. The Schoolhouse is generally pretty good...we were there this past Sat night and there were a couple of large tables and it was LOUD! It was definitely an aberration though. I find Harvest much louder on a regular basis. Of course I love the food at both places, and a little cacophony isn't going to keep me away!

                    1. re: sibeats

                      I go to Schoolhouse but not with my wife, the tables are TOO close. I go with my wine group but usually eat on the patio. We are the NOISY ones, so we try and stay away from everyone!

                      1. re: stevel

                        Boy, your wife is sure missing out on some good food! We haven't noticed you yet at the schoolhouse, but now that it's cold out you'll be moving inside!

                        1. re: stevel

                          Is the wine list any better than it was last year? I go with my group, too, and we wnet through 7 bottles, none very exciting, and all a bit pricey. Owner was very nice and asked us for suggestions, but never thad the energy to get back to him. So dependent on the supplier. Loved the food, and the owner was a charming fellow. Agree the table are too close, though.

                          1. re: CTeater

                            We bring our own wine and pay Tim corkage. We've had some incredible bottles. We might be going in Oct.

                            1. re: stevel

                              Walked by today and they had a menu in the window for a dinner their doing at James Beard house in December. It looked fantastic! $150 pp with wine pairing.

              2. We went Saturday night and it was pitch perfect. Simple dishes, well composed with high quality ingredients. I had a beet salad atop bleu cheese foam and a veal chop. Ms. P'dexter ordered duck.
                We were tucked away in a corner, are used to eating in the City and have four loud bratlets at home, so I can't say the noise was a problem. Besides, a bit of buzz never hurt anybody; plenty of sedate country clubs serving up prime rib in Fairchester, if quiet's yer thing.