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Izzy's (Roseville, MI)

I see where Izzy's on the Ave. has closed in St Clair Shores. Does anyone know why and if they relocated? Thank you.

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  1. Izzy's (Roseville, MI) is opening a deli at the corner of 13 Mile and Greater Mack (behind the Speedway). It wasn't open the last time I went past, but they have been working on it.

    1. They are now open!!!! , I think they moved because they had horrible parking and this is a much better location as well. HUGE BURGERS !!!!!

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      1. re: sideshow

        But tasteless.

        Stopped today for lunch. Great space. Way upscale from a typical deli environment. Wanted to like it--but couldn't.

        I promise to give the place a second chance...

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          Does anyone have the phone number? The one listed is a bar in Roseville called Izzy's. I wanted to order a cake but can't seem to find a good number for them.

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            I just happened to have a flyer on my table.
            586-294-6788 Fax

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              Because there is an Izzy's bar in a bowling alley in Roseville, the new location on Little Mack at 13 Mile Road is called Famous Izzy's.

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                Famous Izzy's? I wonder if there's an association with the small chain of Izzy's around the Cincinnati area. They tout their famous corned beef.

                I'm only an hour or so from Cincy. I wait for when I visit the family in Michigan to take care of any deli fixes I need to take care of.

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                  No connection whatsoever, Fibber.

          2. Can someone tell what kind of place this is? :)

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              It's a sandwich shop & cake bakery, Jan. Upscale in ambience & price from most area family restaurants. Plate presentation is handsome and well thought thru.

              I like the place, but...my last lunch there was $14.50 dining solo. That was for a Fat Back Burger, side of onion rings (nothing special) and a small pop.

              No business website--no online menu.

              1. re: RedTop

                Wow! $14.50 for that? ::whistles:: That's...a lot. Just for my own sense of understanding: did that total include the tax and tip?

                1. re: boagman

                  Tax yes. Tip, no. My 20% of 14.50 was $2.90. My tip was $3.00.

                  I had buyers remorse. Skipped meals out for the following two days.

                  But...the lunch was pleasing. I just won't put Famous Izzy's on my regular restaurant rotation. Maybe 2/3 times a year.

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                    Good grief...$17.50 for a burger, nothing-special onion rings and a small pop? I'd be having more than buyer's remorse...I'd be seething. That's out-and-outrageous. I can pretty safely say that I'll *never* be going there.