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Sep 8, 2009 07:43 AM

Crabapple jelly didn't set-help!

I made a batch of crabapple jelly last night. Every jar sealed well's very runny still. I didn't add pectin since all the recipes I consulted said I didn't need it. I put one jar in the fridge this morning and will see how it looks at lunch time. My question is...can I heat up the syrup and add pectin and reseal? And if I add pectin, do I need to add more sugar? Or can I reheat to 220 degrees and reseal? Also do I need new lids? One more note, I live at 7500 feet above sea level, so I'm not sure how high altitude affects canning.

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  1. Give it a little time before you try anything. In my experience, it can take several days for jelly to set fully.

      1. I'm surprised you have crabapples at that altitude; they must be from down valley. When my mom's (elevation 200 ft) crabapple jelly didn't set up, we would use it on pancakes.

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          Did you think to an an acid like lemon juice? pH affects the setting of pectin.

        2. Here is a link for "liquid cement" to be used for all unset jellies. Hope it helps, although I'm not sure how to make adjustments for your high altitude.

          1. Hey! just curious as to what was the result after you waited it out? I too am in the same boat and did the same thing as you. I live at 3500 feet above see level.
            This is my first time making jelly, and am not sure what to do...
            Let me know what happened, I would really appreciate it!