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Sep 8, 2009 07:43 AM

Matcha Green Tea Powder in Cincinnati

Does anyone happen to know of anywhere around Cincy that I can find some matcha green tea powder?! I want to try my hand at making some "panda bread" :)

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  1. Not sure about any of the major supermarkets but I'm sure Jungle Jim's would have it,

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      I live no more than 5 minutes away and it is my second home :) i'm there at least twice a week and each time i go i search for it but have yet to see it there. I have searched in every department and unless I am somehow missing it, they don't carry any.

      1. re: FlyerFan

        If you want good matcha, then you have to get it from a good tea house, or online. The closest tea house around Cincinnati that carries some amazing teas (over 100) and matcha is Essencha Tea House (their website is: Essencha sells their matcha both online and at the store where you can also order it as a drink. Try their matcha latte if you can make it down there. yum!

        1. re: realmendrinktea

          thanks so much! funny you should mention essencha, i was just perusing their website and menu a couple of days ago! i will surely check it out.

      2. Churchill's has two grades of matcha green tea available.