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Sep 8, 2009 07:19 AM

Backyard BBQ in Arlington - Report

Tried this new bbq place in Williamsburg shopping center at Sycamore and Williamsburg in N. Arlington. Had the pulled pork sandwich. They do not pre-toss the pork in any kind of sauce (a good thing) so if you ask for sauce on the side, you can taste the pork by itself.

The pork did not taste of wood smoke at all. Moreover, no exterior crunchy bits and thoroughly lean. This was 'the other white meat' through and through. Tasted like baked pork. Not interesting at all.

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  1. I agree--it's very bland. I've been a few times because it's a half mile from my house and OK for a quick dinner or weekend lunch, but I much prefer other places. I actually like Rocklands on Washington Blvd. They've got much more smoky flavor and flavored crusty bits.

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    1. re: kcb203

      Rocklands has a long and unfortunately uneven history. It was great when it started off in Georgetwown. It devolved into pretty miserable after they had been at Carpool fo a while. Now it is a very nice sandwich. Haven't had good ribs there in a long time.

      But Rocklands is miles ahead of this newcomer.

      1. re: Steve

        If Rocklands is uneven I have to go back. The one pulled pork sandwich I had there was dried out and the sauce was too sweet. The person that got me to go had the same sandwich and raved about it, so I thought it just sucked all the time. Maybe I got them on a bad day.
        I like Backyard Barbecue, I have had it take away both times and it doesn't have wok char, so to speak, but it does have a nice lean taste and the sauce is pretty good, slightly vinegary but with a bit of tang. The cole slaw is crunchy and tasty so I am going to support my neighborhood joint. There is no excellent barbecue this side of Johnny Boys (but they are best at ribs, not pulled pork) in my book, but backyard barbecue does a better pulled pork than Red Hot and Blue, and I have not had a Rocklands pulled pork that was as good as RH&B. But I am going to go to Rocklands again to see if I just got them on a bad day.

        1. re: Ziv

          I always like the sides and Rocklands better than the meat. Their collards and rice and beans are very good. And I like their mac and cheese. Also they have good draft root beer in a frosted mug.

          1. re: Ziv

            If the sauce is too sweet for you, make sure to ask for no sauce. You can put your own sauce on or you can choose a different sauce form their wall of sauce. These days, I find the chopped pork to be reliably good. You can also order the sliced pork loin, which is 'cheating; a little bit and not really bbq, in that it doesn't get smoked for very long, but it is very good. Still, the hands-down best chopped pork sandwich you can get here, and the equal of great bbq elsewhere, is the bbq on Friday only at Breadline. I order it on a ciabbata. Exceptional.

        2. re: kcb203

          I had the brisket sandwich over the weekend, and it's much better than the pork.