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Sep 8, 2009 07:13 AM

Healthy & Inexpensive in Barcelona?

Hello. I am a young single New Yorker staying in Barcelona for about another week. I fear I have already gained 5 pounds from all the wine, cheese and patatas bravas I have been consuming.

Does anyone have any recommendations for healthier places for dinner? Maybe that focus on light seafood and vegetables? I am staying in Eisquerra Eixample and would travel to areas that are safe for a young woman at night.


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  1. I don't know you consider 'inexpensive' is but good seafood tends to be expensive. For seafood and vegetables, I would go to tapas places rather than pintxos. Good places with a good variety in the Eixample are Pacomeralgo, Cuitat Condal and Cerverseria Catalana. You will find a good selection of seafood(moderately price) and vegetables. But one of the problem is that Spaniards love olive oil and use it liberally. Try food cooked a la plancha. A decent seafood place is El Barkito.
    If you haven't yet, head down to lively El Born/Ribera in the evening where are are some good moderately priced restaurants and tons if tapas places. A decent good value restaruant is Senyor Parallada, lots of seafood and vegetables and salads; search the board and you can read the many posts. Origen 99.0% has interesting Mediterranean food (also has a branch in a pedestrian street in the Universitat). Couple of good 'inexpensive' seafood places: La Paradeta and Mar de la Ribera. Lots of tapas places: the always crowded El Xampanyet, Santa Maria, Little Bestiari. Also pintxos places. There are many informal eating places around the Passig El Born.
    Arc Cafe in Jaume, just off the Metro Jaume, is informal with good salad and light food.

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      Thanks PBSF!

      I had been to Cercerseria Catalana and had a great time. I was recommended Cal Pep but it was closed when I went, so I went to the Origens nearby (but I think it might be a separate chain with a similar and confusing name)? It was good, but the best meal I have had so far on my trip was at Paco Meralgo ( The white beans and octopus dish was the tenderest of either I have ever had, and the waiters were so nice and helpful.

      I also wandered into a place called Miriot in the Gracia district for lunch one day, and the set price lunch for 10 Euros was absolutely amazing!

      I have a few days left on my trip and I think I might return to those two places.

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        Glad you had a good meal at Paco Meralgo though depends on what one orders and how much, it is not 'inexpensive'. It is cheaper than Cal Pep and I think has better food. A good size meal at Cal Pep would be about 40E with some inexpensive wine. As a single diner, Cal Pep is fun but I am not a big fan. You probably did dine at the Origen99.0% with a little retail food store in front that is near Cal Pep. There is a second branch up in the Universtat.
        Lots of restaurants away from the center have great menu dei dia for lunch: Foxos and Goliard are good. The food at some of the places on my posts are not particularly 'healthy', more pork then seafood and lots of olive oil. Those are the places that I go when I visit friends in Barcelona.