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Sep 8, 2009 07:08 AM

Food Tour Guide???

Can anyone recommend a "food tour guide" for Queens or outer Brooklyn? My husband and I are interested in checking out some of the more gringo-free establishments in each of these boroughs and thought that probably the best way to do it is to go with someone in the know. I don't think we are looking for a large group tour, but rather a one-on-one type experience. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. E-mail me at There are quite a few of us who get together in small groups to eat in neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens and I'm sure you could either join in or convince any of us to go places with you both.

    1. We just happened to catch Bourdain's show last night with an episode taking on the boros. It was actually pretty good - some obvious stuff (Marlow and Sons/Diner), but all of it not undeserving. And he hung out with David Jo in SI!

      Anyway, his trip to the Bronx was via some dude who carts people around in his white Checker cab. Not sure if he only does the Bronx, but I think his name is Fat Dave and that was likely his URL.

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          Glad to have finally caught that episode myself last night. The guy who makes the lamb sandwiches in the Flushing mall stall has Bourdain's picture up and couldnt stop talking about him when we were there. And David Chang was pretty funny. By the way, notice that all the talk was about the NY Dolls but they left out the whole Buster Poindexter era?!

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            1. i do informal food tours for the people i work with. I do not charge money, its very informal and we all just get together when we can arrange a time/date

              on the occaisions that i have taken them out we have gone to the places I am most comfortable with:

              Jackson Heights

              feel free to contact me @ if you would like to tag along on our next trip or just go and do one with the three of us


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                I'm new to NY, and this board, and looking for an affordable alternative to a spendy meal out in the city to celebrate an upcoming birthday. I posted a request on the manhattan board but the consensus seemed to be that i would do better in the boroughs.

                The chinatown nyc post by scoopG suggesting a tasting of best dishes from a number of places really appealed to me, and ive read up on some of the threads on the flushing mall stands, but the search feature is really clumsy and i feel like there is just so much info out there (a big change from the midwest board) it can be a bit hard to sift through.

                what id love to find is a multi-cuisine tasting tour/crawl. is there a place to go where we could wander and sample tacos, dumplings and other assorted snacks/street foods (indian chaat perhaps?). Id like to do this on sunday afternoon or evening, we'd likely have some non meat/non shellfish eaters (accomodated but with disdain). proximity to each other isnt essential but id rather not spend all day on a train (we have a car too).

                failing a multi-cuisine tour, is there a post ive missed with definitive guides to roosevelt avenue tacos/tortas that i have missed? i saw a post requesting logistical advice but it hadnt been answered, really.

                Is there a clear benefit to doing one of flushing/jackson heights/elmhurst over others, even if that benefit was logistical (access, hours of operation, etc).

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                  take 7 train to woodside (61st or 65th?) and stop at sripraphai for thai appetizers. then wander down roosevelt ave and sample mexican stuff from the carts and taqueria coatzingo if you want to sit down, also stopping in JH for some indian snacks/chaat (i'm partial to rajbhog, but others like Maharajah)
                  There's tons of other stuff, too--the electronics place that also does indian chaat and momos, a momo cart, patel bros (large indian grocery store)
                  I think this is totally doable by walking. While Flushing has good Chinese and Indian, i don't think it has Mexican and the Chinese/Indian are more spread out--harder to walk from one to the other.
                  But more knowledgeable OBers may chime in with better suggestions.

                  1. re: missmasala

                    that tour route is also cool because between sriprapai and jackson hts on roosevelt you go past krystals and other philipino places, where you can get shaved ice (halo halo) drink and purple pastries.

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                      ah yes, meant to mention that. you can also get yummy philipino BBQ and lumpia shanghai at Ihawan.

                      thanks, jen!

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                        ohh, for filipino, try go2 king on woodside ave and like 65th st. amazing stuff from teh steam tables. perfect for a food tour because it's not a huge restaurant - pretty much the opposite.

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                      hey, im going to do a taco crawl down roosevelt sometimes in late september or october. contact me and I will put you on the list.

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                        Hi Tex, welcome to NYC. Hope your move from the Minneapple went well! Here are some threads that might be of help:

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