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Sep 8, 2009 06:53 AM

Taste of Downtown Manchester, NH - Wed, Sep 9, 5-8PM

Any NH chowhounds going?

I've never been to the Manchester event, but did make it to the Nashua one this year and thought it was pretty good. I reserved tix for the Taste of Downtown Manchester today by calling 603-645-6285. You'll need to go to Intown Manchester (889 Elm St) today in order to get the $20 deal (cash or check). The prce is $25 on Wed.

2009 Taste of Downtown Manchester Participants

26th on Hanover
900 Degrees
900 Elm Street Lobby
1000 Elm Street
Ben & Jerry's
Bridge Café on Elm
Citizens Bank
Commercial Street Fishery
Copy Express
Dumbass Gifts
Edible Arrangements
Elizabeth's on Elm
Framer's Market
Franco American Centre
George's Apparel
Harris Trophy
Ignite Bar & Grille
JD's Tavern
J. Dubs Coffee
Liz's Bakery
Mint Bistro
Murphy's Taproom
Nadeaus Subs, Salads & Wraps
Palace Theatre
Pearson's Jewelers
Piccola Italia
Red Arrow Diner
Richard's Bistro
Shop Estella
Ted Herbert's Music Mart
The Chair Gallery
The New England Sampler
The Patio
The Wild Rover
The UPS Store
Van Otis Chocolates
Victorian Jeweler's
With Heart and Hand Unique Gifts
Z Food and Drink

For more information call Samantha Appleton at 603.645.6285 or visit and click the Taste logo.

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    1. re: whs

      I didn t go because last year many of the best places "sold out" within an hour and we got stuck with the left overs. I didn't want to pay $20 again to be turned away at half the places, or be given half a bite portion. Seriously.

      1. re: gryphonskeeper

        Same here...didn't go due to the overwhelming crowd that prevents you from getting near all the good places! The portions are minute and they often run out at times.

        1. re: snl1129

          No kidding, I would rather pay $20 and get an incredible dinner at Richards. :)

          1. re: gryphonskeeper

            That's weird. The on in Nashua never has those sort of problems. Maybe they should make a trip down and get some ideas on how to do it right.

            1. re: SuperGrover

              I arrived late to the event and was able to hit every place I wanted to go try without running into one vendor who had run out of..... ANYTHING. Sounds like a bunch of people reviewed an event they did not attend.... why review something you didn't go to just to talk bad about it?

              I went without eating with plans to get dinner after the event which turned into a few drinks instead because I ate my fill. The food was unbelievable, CSF, Cotton, Mint Bistro, Z Food, ect... all showed with unique samplers that were fresh, perfectly prepared and delicious.

              I'm sorry to hear the few that had bad past experiences but leave it to those who attended to review. Overall the event was a great success this year, there was a crowd but the restaurants did a great job of moving the lines along and there was no more than a few minute wait at each station.
              We attended the last two hours of the event and were able to hit almost all the food vendors and like I said, there was plenty of fresh food in decent portions well worth the $20 charge. If you want to sample all the area restaurants I suggest going.

              1. re: JW55

                glad to hear this year went well. The last couple were pretty disappointing and I think it might have made the difference this year in the fact many people go used to go every year might have decided to forgo this this because of the least few years problems.