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Sep 8, 2009 06:50 AM

Small Butcher Shop / Gourmet Shop ownership experiences?

I'm looking to have a smaller store, 5-8 employees, real old timey. Meat counter, Deli / Cheese Counter, Fish Counter, Produce Section, Beer/Wine, minimal dry goods and great prepared items to use up product that is not sold raw. Roughly 1200 square feet of floor space and 600 square feet of open kitchen / storage.

Any current owners and or former independent owners care to speak about their experience? I realize getting into specifics doesn't make a lot of sense as geography, skill, finances, experience are going to make things different.

I guess I just want to hear from people who were once 'working for the man', saving money and have that nervous yet excited feeling in their stomach before going for it.

I suppose an independent restaurant owner could chime in as well.

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